Web 2.0 Tricks and Tips

Many Web 2.0 sites are still in a beta (not final) and sometimes you may encounter bugs while using these sites. Here are some hints if you hit these kind of road blocks:

  • Flash is required to view many web applications. If it is not installed on your computer, click here for a free download. Adobe Reader is required to read many links. If you do not have it, you can get it free here.
  • There are many different browsers to get you to the Internet, but not all websites play nicely with all browsers equally. Switching browsers may solve your problem. Most sites seem to work with Mozilla's Firefox.Make sure you've got the updated version of the browser.
  • If you are struggling, try closing the browser/program and re-opening it - this often solves the problem.
  • Adjust your browser settings. Perhaps enabling pop-up windows, allowing cookies, and changing other settings to see if that works.
  • Many sites require plug-ins like Flash to operate. Be sure you have the up-to-date versions installed on your computer. Do a search on the plug-in name to find the download, then follow the directions to install.
  • Most sites have a Help or FAQ section. Try using these to solve your problem.
  • Try search engines - If you type a description of your problem ("can't change font size in blogger," for example) into a search engine, chances are pretty good that someone else has had the problem and you might find the answer in a forum or group discussion.
  • Post a comment to the Lesson post - maybe another 21 Things participant has had the same problem and can lend advice.
  • When all else fails, move on to something else and try again later.
  • When even that has failed, call your Children's Librarians!

If something you are looking at looks different, has disappeared or has been renamed/designed - the actual functionality is probably still there. You might just have to dig a little deeper - that is life in the Web 2.0 world; everchanging, exciting and hopefully challenging!

Children's Library

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Technologically challenged is

Technologically challenged is my name at home and sadly, it is true. My children range from age 26 down to 11 and because I work out of the house I have never taken the time to be comfortable with the computer. When my 11 year old set up a facebook account (we told her she couldn't but she did it anyway at a friend's house) I decided it was time I learn more for hersake and for mine. My best guess for Web 2.0 is that it is a program other than just looking up information - it's interactive. I use the internet for basic tasks, email and research, but I can't load pictures, I don't have Facebook and I waste a lot of time trying to do simple tasks. As you can see, I desperately need this class.

Sometimes I think about using

Sometimes I think about using technology like learning a musical instrument; in order to play it well, you have to practice and build up those muscles. It takes time and attention. Hopefully, by playing around in this digital sandbox, you will feel more confident after you've had a reason and an opportunity to use these tools!

Help - I just worked on

Help - I just worked on lesson 4 (I am way behind) and I can't figure out how to get to my blog to answer the questions.

Your mentor will contact you

Your mentor will contact you shortly, but when I look at your blog, everything looks great!