Last week, we had a podcasting camp here at Darien Library. The kids brainstormed plots, characters, conflict and got inspiration from radio greats such as "Who's On First?" by Abbott and Costello. They wrote and recorded a script of their own creation right here in the Library and I am so proud of the cast for their creative comedy!  I hope we can continue podcasting. Kids, if you are interested in participating in the next installment of KidCast Playhouse, please comment below and we'll get another group together!

Kidnapping on a Summer's Eve

Written and performed by Darien Library's KidCast Playhouse July 2010

Cast (in order of appearance):

Bob:  Tyler

Miss Butterman: Morgan

Mom:  Katie

Police Officer 1:  Zach

Police Officer 2:  Olivia

Random Person:  Tyler

Chloe:  Olivia

Jeter:  Zach

Derek:  Anir

Sam:  Katie

Epilogue:  Morgan & Tyler