I have found a new favorite book and it is Bob Shea's Big Plans (big plans, I say!), illustrated by Lane Smith (also an incredible author and illustrator).  It's the humorous story of a little boy who really knows his own mind and goes after what he wants.  After being put in time out for his ambitiousness (the blackboard next to him says things like, "I will not prove the teacher wrong"), he imagines what would happen if his big plans were successful, accompanied by his yes-man sidekick, who is a mynah bird.  He helps his local football team win a game, becomes mayor of his town, then eventually president (the President offers him the position of "assistant President", which our hero turns down and replies with, "You can be third in charge, after the mynah bird").  A loud, fun, and very funny book for those kids with big ideas and the guts to go after them.  






Bob Shea has written some other hilarious books, including:

New Socks - A yellow, glasses-wearing chick excitedly shares his new pair of socks with the reader.




 Dinosaur vs. Bedtime - Little Dinosaur takes on all kinds of activities, like dinner and a pile of leaves, and always wins.  When he comes up against bedtime, who will come out victorious?




 Dinosaur vs. The Potty (seriously)!  If you know a little someone who can hold it in until near-explosion, they might appreciate this book.