And please believe us when we tell you sometimes we are stunned by that.

One of our latest favorite new arrivals is Oh No She Didn’t by Clinton Kelly from the TLC show What Not to Wear which we all freely admit to being fascinated by.  For those who have not seen the show it is a bit Queen for a Day but the needy on WNTW are the  Fashion Needy.  Terribly, terribly Fashion Needy.  So they get their old wardrobe thrown into a trash can, receive a Visa card with $5,000 and a set of rules they must follow while shopping in New York.  This to my mind is way better than wearing a cheap tiara and winning a major household appliance.

  Kelly takes on what he considers to be the top 100 style mistakes and tells you exactly why they are just that.  Mistakes.  Some of the topics he addresses are some of the  very same things that leave us scratching our heads such as Pajamas in Public, Matching your Mate, Tattoos and Evening Wear  and of course the one Fashion Faux Pas that causes Desketeers  to wring our hands and weep  the Abuse of Animal Print.  

This is a lot of fun and while we don’t agree to EVERYTHING he says (some of us look very nice in red lipstick thank you very much) we are enjoying passing this around.    And while rules are made to be broken please we beg of you do not break the socks with clogs rule.