Why not start a little early?

We have something to confess.  We have secret knowledge.  We know what is going to be in the New York Times Book Review before you do.   No, it's not that we are psychic although we'd like to be.  The truth is that we get a copy a week in advance.  We are going to share this secret knowledge with you!  Think of how you can dazzle at Drinks this weekend armed with your own secret knowledge! Giving the scoop on what everyone will be chatting up. It’s sort of like Insider Trading.  But with books.  And it’s legal.  

On this week’s cover we have a book that Barbara M.; Desketeer and lover of all things history, found to be a wonderful, readable, biography of one of the most powerful women in history.  In Cleopatra:  A Life by Stacy Schiff the author strips away all the myths written about her over the centuries and gives us a portrait of an intelligent woman who was fluent in 9 languages and while not the physical temptress of Liz Taylor proportions she certainly possessed that certain something as evidenced by her seduction of not only Caesar and Mark Antony but also of her loyal subjects.   In the review Kathryn Harrison writes:  “It’s dizzying to contemplate the thicket of prejudices, personalities and propaganda Schiff penetrated to reconstruct a woman whose style, ambition and audacity make her a subject worthy of her latest biographer.  After all Stacy Schiff’s writing is distinguished by those very same virtues.”



Dominique Browning has nothing but nice things to say about John Casey’s Compass Rose.  The story follows a small town in Rhode Island’s South County and its inhabitants.  Browning states “We need our inner compasses:  where you are is who you are.  Long after reading the last pages of Compass Rose I am still thinking about how we establish ourselves as one another’s magnetic directions – and hold fast.”

Here are the some of the other titles in this week’s NYTBR:


Scorpions: The Battles and triumphs of FDR’s Great Supreme Court Justices by Noah Feldman



First Family:  Abigail and John by Joseph Ellis




World and Town by Gish Jen



Moonlight Mile by Dennis Lehane



Edge by Jeffrey Deaver



 Blood Count by Reggie Nadelson