Coming to DVD Tuesday, November 23rd
Coming to DVD Tuesday, November 23rd

As we mentioned earlier this week, due to an upcoming major upgrade to our library catalog, some new items may not be appearing in our OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog), so it may look as if we don't have the item that you are searching for.  Also, until the upgrade is complete, the option to place holds has been disabled. (The completion date for the upgrade is December 8th.) We know that this is frustrating and we apologize. If you have a question about a new or upcoming publication or release, please come in or call. Email us at, IM us on AIM & Y!M at deweydarien, or text us.

It appears that this glitch in the system has mostly affected the display of new and upcoming DVDs.

Here's what's coming out on Tuesday, November 23rd (not only are they on order, they're in the building and ready to go on Tuesday!):

Eat Pray Love

The Expendables


The Pillars of the Earth (The 2010 STARZ miniseries)

Here are the titles that came in earlier this week:

Disney's A Christmas Carol

The Kids Are All Right

Cats & Dogs - The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Lottery Ticket

We will continue to post notices on our catalog page alerting you about  books and DVDs that are on order and the dates that they are expected. 

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.