One month before his high school graduation, Darin Strauss unintentionally killed a classmate in a car accident. In a flash, one young life was gone and another irrevocably altered. How do you live with that?

This brutally honest memoir chronicles Darin's painful journey, through the eyes of a teenager just moving into adulthood and beyond. An awkward meeting with the girl's family adds to his guilt, and he endures curiosity and uncertain attention when he finally returns to school. Moving on to the "witness protection program" anonymity of college, the accident becomes part of his personal history, instead of his whole identity. Yet it never really fades into the background.

Strauss takes us through a life led with a ghost by his side; he doesn't seek sympathy or reassurance, he just doesn't know how to become himself rather than "that kid who killed the girl." By the end of Half a Life, he is married and the father of twin boys, a successful fiction writer now confronting the central event of his life. Hardly 200 pages in length, this book is a quick read but will stay with you long after the cover has been closed.