Author Susan Conley will be at Darien Library on Wednesday, February 16 at 7 p.m.
Author Susan Conley will be at Darien Library on Wednesday, February 16 at 7 p.m.


Susan Conley

Author of The Foremost Good Fortune

Wednesday, February 16 at 7 p.m.

Our Winter/Spring Author Series begins in February, making this, despite the snow on the ground and the chilling forecast, one of our favorite times of year! It is, indeed, our good fortune to begin the series with Jonathan Adler, author of the Happy Chic series, on Thursday, February 3rd at 7 p.m., and to continue the goodness and good fortune with a visit from Susan Conley, the author of The Foremost Good Fortune, on Wednesday, February 16th at 7 p.m.

In The Foremost Good Fortune, Susan Conley brings us a memoir of her time when she moved with her husband and two young sons from Maine to Beijing, China. She was prepared for a year of new experiences and big changes as she and her family faced the unknown. Though Chinese customs and language posed a struggle, Susan embraced her new high-intensity life. While her husband worked to convince banks to implement a credit rating system in a country where credit cards aren’t accepted, she focused on tasks that were very different, if no less perplexing: how to buy produce at a Chinese mega-market (paying the cashier doesn’t cut it), fielding invitations to things like “Sweater Parties,” and working to establish new friends – akin to dating, and “very Jane Austen.”

Nothing occupied Susan’s mind and energies more than caring for her two confused and frustrated little boys as they try to find their way in a world utterly unlike the one they used to know. Bit by bit, they make friends and adjust to life in China. And though it’s more than she bargained for, life in Beijing isn’t anything Susan can’t handle – until she finds a lump in her breast and receives the news that nobody wants to hear, least of all in faltering English while lying in a Chinese operating room. After completing an aggressive treatment regimen in the States, Susan returns to China as a foreigner yet again – but this time, it’s her own body in which she doesn’t feel at home.  

Filled with candid insights about the difficulties and small triumphs that can make or break one’s day when attempting to navigate a foreign culture, “The Foremost Good Fortune” is a touching exploration of the big questions of motherhood – how do you talk to children about life and death? When is it okay to lie? – and an unsparing look at the realities of coming face to face with mortality when one least expects it.
“Luminous….Conley's writing is at once spare and strong…[She] pulls the reader into her world like a close friend.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

 “…compelling and humorous. . . . Beautifully written and insightful on many levels.” – Booklist

Click here to learn more about Susan Conley and The Foremost Good Fortune.

A book signing and reception will follow the presentation. Books will be available for purchase.

Susan Conley’s appearance at Darien Library is part of the Library’s Winter/Spring 2011 Author Series. Click here for the schedule.

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