Issue  Status
 Online Renewals 100% Complete. Working.
 View Fines and Fees 20% Complete
 Fines and Fees Online Payment 0% Complete
 Online Requests 100% Complete. Working.
 Cancel/delete Requests 20% Complete
 Freeze Requests 0% Complete
 Search by material type 80% Complete

As you know, we've been doing a system upgrade over the past month or so. Several of our online features have not yet become available since the changeover. We want to ensure that you are kept up-to-date on the status of these features, therefore we're listing the major outstanding items here so that you can have some sense of when they will become available. Unfortunately, we cannot provide exact timelines, but if you check back here, you will be able to see what we are actively working on. We don't anticipate that these features will be broken for very much longer and we do appreciate your patience during this period of transition. Darien Library prides itself on being a cutting-edge institution, and we plan to restore these critical services and features as soon as possible.


Fixing the SEARCH

Fixing the SEARCH functionality should be added to the top of this To-Do list. On the new website, patrons are still unable to search the catalog for specific genres. Search returns "No results" unless you search "everything", which obviously is very inefficient. Hopefully it can be addressed soon, as in the opinion of most, it is far more important than, say, online fee payments. Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback. You're correct there is an issue with the way searching by material type is handled in the new system. I've added that to the list as well so that you can track its progress.

I just found out that the

I just found out that the Darien Library no longer circulates music CDs, and instead downloadable music will be offered in the future. Is there a time frame as of when that will happen? Any transitional plan? What will happen to the CDs(I was told they will be sold, will the public be informed and allowed to purchase them?)? Thanks,

We are no longer circulating

We are no longer circulating adult CDs and will have an announcement on the web site in the next several days that we are moving to an all-electronic format, but here is the summary. As a first step, all of the Library's adult CDs have been converted to electronic format and can be listened to in the Library from any of our computers. We will be selling the adult music CDs to the public sometime at the beginning of April, with details to come. And we will schedule some sessions to provide our users with information about the various ways they can access electronic music themselves. Our plan for the future is to try to find as many convenient ways as possible to provide music to our patrons in electronic formats.

Why is it no longer possible

Why is it no longer possible to put something on hold when it is on order (e.g, the movie "The Fighter." Is this permanent or will it be fixed?

The online request feature is

The online request feature is not working 100%; maybe it's me, but I can't get the delete button to work.

It seems to me that the

It seems to me that the library was overly hasty in deciding how patrons will access its music collection. Apparently it was decided that music cd’s will become obsolete and that patrons will no longer want to listen to them. My response to that is that it would have been a good idea to solicit our opinions first. I agree that cd’s will become obsolete at some point, but not any time soon. What the library has done is to force us, for the time being, to listen to music on the library’s limited number of computers. Presumably, sometime in the future we’ll be able to listen to the music from home via some type of streaming service. Again that means chained to a computer. Not many of us will be able to stream music through a system with proper loudspeakers. Listening then becomes a solitary activity. Nor will we be able to listen to the music in our cars, unless we have a vehicle capable of receiving streaming audio via the internet. The logical next step is to get rid of the printed books since they’ll be obsolete as well and e-readers like Kindle will be ubiquitous. Did we really need a new library after all?

Our plan to move to

Our plan to move to circulating digital music will include both streaming services, and the ability to take digital music with you, so you are not tied to a computer. We'll start introducing the new range of services on May 1.