One of our most popular (and favorite) new non-fiction books is Unbroken, the nearly-unbelievable story of Louis Zamperini. His survival against all odds is truly inspiring and we'll be talking about it in depth on Tuesday, May 3. Meanwhile, if you've finished reading Unbroken and are thirsting for another great adventure story, look no further than Lost in Shangri-La, which hits our shelves on April 26.

Lost in Shangri-La tells the long-forgotten story of a World War II military plane crash in the depths of New Guinea, close to an inaccessible area dubbed "Shangri-La" by pilots and airmen. The few survivors of the crash are dazed, injured, and lost. As they desperately search for a way out, they come face to face with primitive natives who have never seen a white man or woman...and may well be cannibals.

The natives take the survivors to be spirits, who have arrived as harbingers of the end of the world. The survivors, meanwhile, have to figure out how to alert rescuers. They are beyond the reach of planes or helicopters, with hundreds of miles of dangerous, enemy-infested jungle between themselves and safety, all the while dealing with serious burns and gangrene. Only an ingenious, never-before-tried rescue attempt can save them, and this book tells the whole story through diaries, declassified Army documents, and personal recollections.

Place your reserve now so that you'll have a copy as soon as the book is released -- Lost in Shangri-La is sure to be a found treasure!