Here’s what we are reading this week!

Pat T. reports that she has just finished the memoir Box of Darkness by Sally Brady.  “There is a lot of dysfunction in this couple’s marriage due to the husband’s dark secrets.” If you have not yet figured it out, Desketeers love dysfunction.  It is part of our charm.


 Citizen Asha is reading The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim by Jonathan Coe.  “I am loving it! The book is filled with British dark humor..I am a fan.”


 Elizabeth wants the world to know about Enough about Love by Hervé Le Tellier.  “It's basically a philosophical take on a love triangle- or square actually. It was fantastic and I recommend it.” She has since moved on to Michael Cunningham’s By Nightfall which she finds “true to Cunningham style, dark and depressing."


 Priscilla is jonesing for Spring to start.  For real.  Not just on the calendar, so she is reading Beautiful Wedding Flowers: More than 300 Corsages, Bouquets, and Centerpieces.  This has to be one of the prettiest books we have seen in a long time.



Marianne is reading The Invisible Bridge in anticipation for our book discussion on April 5th.  I will not reveal how she and I feel about it.  You need to come on the 5th at 7 and hear for yourselves.