Here is this week’s installment!

Barbara M. reports that she is reading an advance of Jennet Conant’s new book on the OSS entitled A Covert Affair:  Julia Child and Paul Child in the OSS She feels it’s not great but “alright”.  It is due out on April 5th.




Pat is reading Empty Family: Stories by Colin Toibin.  She describes it as “ a collection of short stories that are tied together by the character’s examination of loss and love in their relationships.”





Warren is reading InfinityBeach by Jack McDevitt.  He is only 30 pages in though and so is withholding opinion just yet.



Abby is reading one of her favorites Jasper Fforde One of our Thursdays is Missing.





I am loving Bent Road by Lori Roy.  It is a very gothic look at community in the Kansas Plains.