Thanks Hal.  Because we could surely use us some May.

This May we have some wonderful promises that we are keeping.  The primary one is that there will be wonderful book goodness awaiting you.  Lesser ones include lilacs, lilies of the valley and peonies, the purchasing of Mother’s Day ephemera, that first trip to the beach and a reminder why you love Zyrtex, Claritin or just insert the allergy med of your choice here!

First up is Doc by Mary Doria Russell.  We love the way she tackles history and makes it relevant to today’s reader by spinning a wonderful story.  The Doc in the title is none other than Doc Holliday of western fame.  He has been given a rather hard choice at 22.  He can either stay in Atlanta and face a certain death from TB, or he can head West toward an almost certain healing climate.  We all know what Doc chooses and  we can’t wait to see how Russell spins this classic American story.


Lost in Shangri-La:  A True Story of Survival, Adventure, and the most Incredible Rescue Mission of World War II by Mitchell Zuckoff is just what the title says it is.  When a plane off goes down in a hidden valley in the jungle of New Guinea only 3 survivors are left to navigate the wilds and face a tribe of cannibals who are firmly rooted in the Stone Age.  Think Lost Horizons with humidity and spears.


Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks is a book that we are most excited about because if there was a contest for the Goddess/Empress of Historic Fiction, Brooks would definitely make the Evening Gown portion of the event.  This time around she examines the world of 1665 Martha’s Vineyard and the first Native American to graduate from Harvard.  Bethia Mayfield, a white settler, is our guide into the world of clashing cultures and changing times and we can’t wait to meet her.



In the Garden of the Beasts: Love, Terror and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin
is by another one of our pet authors, Erik Larson.  Larson, who wrote Devil in the White City, tells the tale of William E. Dodd who was American Ambassador and his family who came to Berlin and witnessed firsthand the rise of Nazi Germany.  At the center of the story is his daughter Martha, a young woman who is not just a little promiscuous and enamored of this new regime.  Will her wild ways become a tool for the Nazis?

Here’s to a bloom filled, warmish, wonderful May!  We’ve earned it!