Baseball season has been underway for a month now, and for fans of the game, peeling open a wax pack of brand-new baseball cards never gets old. Remember the sugary sweet smell of that pink slab of bubble gum? Nothing tasted better during long childhood summers.

Author Josh Wilker uses the baseball cards of his youth (mid 1970s to early 80s) to frame his new memoir, Cardboard Gods. Famous and not-so-famous players' cards mark the beginning of each chapter -- you won't believe some of the hair and polyester on view! Baseball is a constant for Wilker amidst the political and cultural upheaval of the times; his book is as much about his rocky coming-of-age as it is about the men who play a boy's game.

Already drawing comparisons to Dave Eggers and Augusten Burroughs, Wilker's writing is edgy and incredibly evocative. And as The New York Times review noted, "...what the game means to the fans is often more interesting than the games themselves." Cardboard Gods will have you rummaging through your closet for that long-forgotten shoe box of cards...and the memories they evoke.