In this week’s installment the Desketeers reveal really what they are all about.    Have you been paying attention? See if you can match the reader with the book!

This week’s participants are:  Abby, Asha,   Pat T., Barbara M., Elizabeth and myself!

One of our Merry Band who is particularly fond of the City of Light is finally reading The Paris Wife after much cajoling.  She reports, The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. Is a thoroughly engrossing fictionalized version of Hadley and Ernest Hemingway’s life in Paris in the 1920s. Although I know the ending I don’t want it to end.”


Another one of us is enjoying a book that has gotten a lukewarm reception from some of the other Desketeers in the past.  “ In The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown., the Andreas sisters, Rosalind, Bianca and Cordelia were named for great Shakespearean women by their Father, a Professor of Shakespeare and each sister is in search of her own identity. I think this is a great beach read book - light, yet interesting!”



One of our resident mystery freaks   is reading The Trinity Six by Charles Cumming.  “In his debut novel, Cumming does a smooth job of exploring a new angle on the Trinity spy ring.  A good opportunity to learn about the British spy scandal in a fictional and fast paced setting. The factual background is so interesting; it's hard to believe it is based on fact. Good tradecraft for espionage fans.  Let's see how Cumming develops as a writer.”



Another one of us has just finished This Life is in your Hands:  One Dream, Sixty Acres and a Family Undone by Melissa Coleman.  “The author’s rather unusual upbringing amongst back- to-land utopia seekers   in the 60’s and 70’s is told with style and grace that is a great feat when one is writing about naked hippies harvesting vegetables. “




One of our Young Ones is reading and listening.  She reports, “I’m reading Matched which is a YA book about a dystopian society that exists sometime in the future after global warming destroyed the earth (not kidding). I'm listening toI Still Dream About You by Fannie Flag, which is nice to listen to because she has a great reading voice but the plot leaves something to be desired.



And finally if you can’t match the appropriate  Desketeer with the book on this one I can’t help you.  “I'm pushing through Punkzilla by Adam Rapp, it's a fascinating novel filled with interesting if not disturbing characters with funky names i.e. "Buck Tooth Jenny" don't want to know what she does for a living..just saying! The novel is about 14 year old Jamie aka Punkzilla who while kicking a mean meth habit is writing letters to his older brother Peter, a gay playwright who's dying of cancer.”

Yup.  Still frightened.  Still afraid.

Have a great weekend!