This week’s installment shows us up to our same old tricks.  Someone will scare you, someone is fascinated by one family’s totally demented dysfunction, and another is searching out the beautifully written.  And the other thing you can always count on is that you will find something here that will make your weekend reading wonderful.

Let us begin!


Ann is reading Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks, She want us to know that she is “thoroughly enjoying, especially reading an historical fiction account of a Native American in the 1600's.  Generally not a time period I read much of unless it's of British kings and queens. It’s a terrific read.”


 Barbara M. who has a fabulous new chaise and is not at all shy about letting all know about how vastly it has improved her reading time  reports she is reading “One Hundred Names For Love by Diane Ackerman. In writing about the stroke which left her husband, also a writer, without words Ackerman combines scientific insight and poetic images. I love her writing.”


Pat is working her way through The Moment by Douglas Kennedy in it Pat says, “ A fifty year old travel writer, who is recently divorced, attempts to move on with his life by purchasing a home in rural Maine. While there he flashes back 25 years to the time he lived in Berlin, met and fell in love with a young woman from East Berlin.  Kennedy is great at developing complex characters with a lot of emotional baggage. Good Read!”




I am reading The Memonry of All That:  George Gershwin, Kay Swift and My Fanily's Legacy of Infidelities by Katherine Weber.  The title really says it all but what it doesn’t say is how funny and beautifully written this story is.  For those of you working on In the Garden of the Beasts, guess who makes an appearance in this book as a lover of the author’s father? That’s right!  Martha Dodd.  Because it would appear she was more of a round heeled woman than Erik Larson ever dreamed!



Citizen Asha is reading “Hold Me Closer, Necromancerby Lish McBride. It's a darkly funny, paranormal novel. Samhain Corvus LaCroiz (who wouldn't want that name?) leads a pretty normal, working at a fast food place when a prank brings him to the attention of Douglas, a lovely man really, he just happens to be the head necromancer in Seattle as well as a raving homocidal lunatic. Little does Sam know that he's also a Necromancer, too bad Douglas is not a fan of competition. Let the dark, sketchy and quite gory fun begin! “

Yup.  That’s our Asha.  

We are taking a two week break because we will be at Book Expo America next week.  For those who are not in the know, this is a huge event in which all the publishers come together for a week and give us books.  It is truly the high point of our year.  

Maybe by then the sun will be out?