Well we are back from Book Expo where we walked miles and inhaled all sorts of book goodness.  Here is what we are reading this week!


Pat is reading the wonderful Jennifer Haigh’s newest, Faith.  “I suspect it will be very interesting since the topic is very timely and sensitive. There is a sensational storm in the Archdiocese of Boston when many priests have been accused of sexual misconduct while serving in the city's parishes. When the McGann family realize that their son and brother is one of the accused priests the family most comes to terms with this devastating discovery.”



Barbara M. picked up a signed copy of Lisa See’s latest at BEA.  “Dreams of Joy is a continuation of Shanghai Girls focusing on the relationship between mothers and daughters. It is See’s well drawn characters that pull you into the story and keep you there.”


Elizabeth J. is working on Paint it Black by Janet Fitch (author of White Oleander). “It's about a teenage runaway who finds herself wrapped up in the L.A. 80's punk rock scene working as an artist’s model. It is very intriguing so far and I love a good teenage angst book that's not a YA book. “




Citizen Asha has thrown us a curve ball and frankly I don’t know what to make of it.   She reports, ”I am listening to The Sweetness At the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley.  It is absolutely brilliant, I love Flavia, she's 11 going on 65. When I grow up I want to be Flavia De Luce minus Daffy and Phelie of course.”  



Marianne is working her way through The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.  “Of all the books I've read this year this is the one that will stay with me the longest.  "The true story of Henrietta Lacks encompasses science, ethics, and the story of a family who was terribly wronged in the pursuit of scientific research."  A must read for all of us.”



Jeanne,  when she began working with us , was a sweet, quiet  innocent.  We have totally corrupted her in record time.  She checks in with Tabloid City by Pete Hamill.  “At first I  thought I would abandon it, but was then sucked into its seamy police blotter style.  I am kind of surprised it's not a D-M.  It's a little hard to grasp the personality of the characters and I am already on page 100.  But Hamill has put enough gore, tragedy and smut in it to make me keep reading!”

Yup.  We are oddly proud of what we have done to Jeanne.

As for me?  I have loved the following Book Goodness.  Next to Love by Ellen Feldman (out in July )  was so amazing that I brought it with me to BEA.  Please understand that this is totally the equivalent of the bringing the coals to New Castle.  And I spent every spare minute reading it.   Truly.  While I waited on line, at night in my hotel room.  Yes.  It is that good.  Feldman tells the story of 3 young women beginning at the start of World War II.  All are married to soldiers but only one soldier comes home.   This is an unflinching look at the lives and loves of the Greatest Generation.  Also Birds of Paradise by Diana Abu-Jaber (out in Sept.) totally captured my heart.  She tells the story of a Miami family whose daughter runs away and the ripple effect that this causes through the years.  

Have a lovely weekend!



Our book "Roton Point" was

Our book "Roton Point" was just released yesterday from Arcadia Press. It is an amusement park postcard history book containing captions with tidbits of history never before published. 4 of us worked on it from the Roton Point History Comiittee. I am the chair of that committee and have been researching and collecting postcards for years having grown up in Rowayton. In its day, 1880's to 1941 any people took the trolley from Darien to Norwalk to Roton Point, others came by steamship from NYC....hopefully the library has already ordered a few copies, I gave them flyers last month about it :)