I am a senior at Darien High School right now, well at least for 5 more days.  On Friday I graduate and move on with my life and as exciting as this is, it is also extremely frightening.  Next year I will be a freshman at Lafayette College, my top choice.  I have no idea what I am going to major in or what i should do but I do know that whatever I do it has to be what I love.  Here is some advice to those of you who want it:

Specifically for Juniors in High School, get your college essays done this summer.  It may sound really annoying and horrible but trust me, it was the best decision that I made this summer.  If you thought junior year was hard, just wait for the first semester of senior year, your life will get even crazier.  As a first semester senior you will be applying to colleges, finishing up with SATs and ACTs, possibly playing a sport, doing homework (the homework does not calm down right at the beginning of senior year) and trying to remember everything from doctors appointments to writing thank you notes to the teachers who wrote your recommendations.   So even though it might be the last thing you want to do on your summer vacation, do your college essays, you will thank me for it later. 

Another piece of advice is not to stress out over school.  If you do not get into an ivy league college that is fine!  Many of the greatest minds today did not go to an ivy league college, Steve Jobs (the co-founder of Apple) dropped out of college and look where that has gotten him!  For those of you who are not thinking about college yet, do not stress out about your grades.  All anyone wants to see is that you are trying your hardest in school even if you really hate the subject.  

Do not listen to your parents! Well sometimes you need to like if your mom or dad tells you to go clean your bedroom, you should probably listen to them.  If they are stressing you out about your schoolwork and how you need to be perfect, this is when I give you permission to not listen to your parents.  Parents want their children to be perfect in every way: school, sports, the arts, whatever; but what they need to realize is that their child is a ball of perfection anyway.  There is no way that you as a student can be perfect in every aspect and you know it but sometimes your parents need reminding.  I was lucky to have parents who accepted me, they wanted me to do my best and they knew that my best was not on the path of valedictorian or the sports star and they loved me for it.  

That is just a little advice from a senior who does not regret anything about her life.  I am happy just the way that I am, so bring on all the haters.  My last little piece of advice is the same that everyone has been telling you for many years but it should be repeated.  Just be true to yourself and happiness will come.