Well Happy Summer (finally!)!!!  Here is the latest installment with the usual shenanigans, hi-jinks and tom foolery!  

Let us begin!

Jeanne is reading Myla Goldberg's The False Friend. She says, “ I had read Wickett's Remedy and Bee Season (with everyone else) and both were great. Now The False Friend tells a story of a young woman, a very successful professional, who suddenly remembers SOME of the details of a gruesome act that occurred when she was a teenager, 20 years ago. She was part of a group of highly competitive girls who were devastated when one of their group is abducted, or so they thought.  Now her memory has been jogged by the sight of a red Volkswagen Beetle and she wants to go back to the scene of the crime in her hometown and tell all.  “

Abby has had a change of perspective with her pick for the week which is   “Bossypants by Tina Fey the Book on CD.  “As I drive and listen to this audio book, I generally have a big smile on my face.  When I see someone driving around looking like this, I usually assume they are crazy.  Now when I see a smiling driver alone in their car, I think maybe, just maybe, they are not crazy, but actually listening to Bossypants.    She is also working on The Hypnotist by Lars Kepler.  She reports that ”This Swedish Crime novel by a husband and wife team is a big hit in Europe and has made it to some summer reads lists. It has all the elements fans of the genre look for: a gifted and contemplative detective, a serial killer, solid forensics, and lots of sandwiches. So far, so good.”


The lovely Priscilla, just back from some time on her beloved island is reading  Wave by Susan Casey.   “And what a ride it is. The planet's waters are changing and who knows  this better than surfers. A climate change warning as our oceans produce more rogue waves. Where are they, why are they happening and where might they be targeting?   Much of this story is told through the experiences of surfers. Something to ponder as you sit at the beach.”



Barbara M says that she “somehow missed A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson when it was first published but started it yesterday and am, as usual,  loving his writing.”





Citizen Asha is back in the land of Flavia  with the audio book of The Weed That String's the Hangman's Bag by Alan Bradley. She says “ It's the sequel to The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie which I absolutely adored. I just started it so I haven't gotten into any sketchy details as yet, but I'm sure the sketchiness is around the corner. “

Pat has changed formats and says “I started reading 22 Britannia Road a few weeks ago and then put it down when a copy of the audio book came available. I am happy I waited for this audio book since the reader does a superb job. As you listen to this story you truly feel the depth of emotions of the characters, Janusz and Silvana. This young couple were separated during WW II for six years and when they were re-united they had to overcome the horrific effects of the war, as well as the secrets each character possessed to become a family again.”

I finished Everything Beautiful Began After this week.  This beautifully written novel tells the story of 3 people who come together in Athens one summer .  The author Simon Van Booy will be here at the library on July 19th at 7:00 and the book comes out on July 5th.


Have a great weekend!