While we agree with you Henry, we also would argue that New Books are two of the words we also most like to hear!

Here are a few things to consider for your beach tote this month and while you are at it clear your calendar!  Two  of these authors will be coming to pay us a visit!

Rules of Civility by Amor Towles is a wonderful read.  When Katey and her roommate Eve first meet Tinker Grey it is 1938 New Year’s Eve in Greenwich Village.  Tinker is suave, debonair and worldly.  In short, everything Katey and Eve are not but desperately long to be.  Katey and Eve should be careful about what they wish for.  This is a great read that is as classic as a little black dress, a gin martini and a camel’s hair coat.  Won’t you please join us on August 17th when Amor Towles comes to speak?




Madame Bovary’s Daughter by Linda Urbach answers the literary question of, “Gee whatever did happen to Berthe Bovary?”  We know that her mother’s story ends very badly but what became of her daughter?  Urbach weaves a delicious story around that premise while incorporating some of the most famous names of French culture such as Worth and Millet.  This promises to be a fun and frothy summer read.




Oriental Wife by Evelyn Toynton introduces us to Rolf and Louisa, refugees from Hitler’s Germany who meet, fall in love and move to New York.  But a freak accident shatters this ideal and eventually colors the world of their daughter.  Can Old World views ever merge with a life in America?



Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard is her story in her words.  Just in case you don’t know her story, she was kidnapped when she was 11 and for 18 years was forced to live a nightmare at the hands of a monster.  Happily this ends with her winning back her freedom not just for herself but for her two children.




In this first novel Everything Beautiful Came After by Simon Van Booy, we meet Rebecca, the artist who has come to Athens to find herself.  We also meet George, who has come to Athens to learn the languages of the ancients after spending his childhood and young adult years in boarding schools and Ivy covered walls.  And we meet Henry who is an archaeologist who is not just uncovering the secrets of Athens’ past but also his own.  On July 19th the author will be paying us a visit, and we hope you will join us for that.