This week’s extreme heat seems to have put a damper on the Desketeers.  The usual shenanigans may appear to be a bit muted.  This is not to say the reading here isn’t excellent, it just feels, well almost normal.  But!  We do have too much drinking, dyslexia, a soothing narrator, auto-immune disorders, mean streets and peacocks! So while the heat may slow us down, it certainly doesn’t stop us.

Let us begin!

Ann is reading Bent Road by Lori Roy.  “This is quite an interesting story about a family that leaves the mean streets of Detroit for what they think will be a quiet peaceful existence on Bent Road, rural Kansas, where the dad grew up. I'm having trouble putting this book down the story is so intriguing and spooky. In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson,(audio book), learning the history and adventure of the author exploring the Outback.  It's enjoyable and the author's voice is very soothing. “


Marianne says “I recently finished  The Troubled Man by Henning Mankell.  And my singular comment for this book is "Please say it isn't so.  Good-by Kurt Wallender, the brilliant but fallible and out-of-shape loner who is prone to catching colds and drinking too much.  Wallander is a tired and grumpy but very human perfectionist.  This final book combines the detective's investigations into the world of the cold war and the relationship of Sweden to the U.S. and Russia along with Wallender's facing his own aging and mortality.  I must admit, sad as I am that this is Kurt Wallender's last, I'm ready to move on.”



Citizen Asha is reading The Kid by Sapphire. “I read her first book (Push) years ago and I thought it was absolutely brilliant, dark but brilliant. The Kid is actually the sequel to Push, it features Precious’ son Abdul and his struggles after his mother’s death.  I’m thoroughly enjoying the book-- I’ve always been a huge Sapphire fan. “



Abby S. reports she is “heading back to basics with Karin Slaughter's Fallen.  In this one Will Trent, the brilliant yet emotional train wreck of a dyslexic detective is on the case as his partner's mother, a possibly corrupt retired detective goes missing. Since Slaughter has blended her two series, Sara Linton, the widowed coroner returns as well leaving us with the burning question of whether she and Will ever hook-up already.  An enjoyable crime read and it's good to support Karin Slaughter who is in turn, a huge supporter of libraries.”


Barbara M. has just finished listening to The Sum of our Days by Isabelle Allende.  "Excellent"  This is all she could say.  It was that good.  It rendered her mute.


Pat is enjoying Joy for Beginners by Joy Bauermeister. “The story is about the friendship of seven women and the challenges they face at various stages in their lives. I think this book will be a good summer read!”




I spent two wonderful days reading Ann Napolitano’s new book A Good Hard Look.  When Flannery O’Connor left New York City for her childhood home in Milledgeville, Georgia it was because her Lupus had progressed to such a degree that she needed her mother’s care.  When Cookie and her fiancé come to Milledgeville from New York it is from choice to begin their new lives in Cookie’s hometown.  Lona Waters is the wife of a local policeman who has never left Milledgeville and she feels life slowly passing her by.  When these three lives intertwine everything they thought they knew about what they wanted from life is called into question.  And it has peacocks!  


Have a happy weekend!