Yes Sam, August can be a bit rough but when you have some wonderful juicy new book goodness it certainly helps.

Here is what we are excited about for August!

In The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson, Annie and Buster have made rather a hash of their adult lives.  How bad are things?  Well, they are so bad that they must return home to their parents, Caleb and Camille, performance artists who used Annie and Buster all through their childhoods to create their “art”. Now that the family is reunited they want to perform one last piece.  Will Annie and Buster relent and participate?  This is a wonderful book that asks the question how far can an artist go for his or her art?  



Next to Love by Ellen Feldman examines the darker side of The Greater Generation.  Babe and her friends Grace and Millie marry their beaus and then send them overseas to fight in World War II.  But only two husbands come home.  This novel examines what life was like for both the men who fought the war and came home and the women who waited for them.  The scars of war are not just the provenance of returning soldiers.  This is a huge favorite for those of us who have read it and we cannot wait to share it.


In Among the Wonderful by Stacy Carlson takes us back to the Manhattan of the 1840s.  When P.T. Barnum takes over the dusty Natural History museum the lives of Ana, the 8’ giantess and cranky Emile the resident taxidermist are turned upside down.   Change is on the horizon for them both  and the question is how they will individually deal with it. Carlson shows us a New York filled with oddities and outsiders both real and imagined.  





Tom Violet always thought that by the time he reached a certain age things would be delightfully predictable.  Nice wife ensconced in a nice home with a nice dog to come home to after a day working at his nice job.  Sadly things have just not worked out that way.  In Matthew Norman’s Domestic Violets we get a portrait of a man who has decided not to take his soul sucking life in stride with hilarious results.  This one is for fans of Richard Russo or Jonathan Tropper.


Enjoy your Dog Days!   September is sooner than you think!