This week’s installment has some rather fascinating features.  We have water, water everywhere, a new obsession, peculiarities, three essential ingredients, an affair, and still more Paris.

Barbara M wants all to know, “I’m listening to The Johnstown Flood by David McCullough a devastating account of the flood of 1889 that killed two thousand people. It is even more heart wrenching because it was avoidable. McCullough's writing, compelling and vivid, puts you, the reader, into the action. “ She also has a new obsession in watching  “Lark Rise to Candleford a BBC adaptation of Flora Thompson's autobiographical novel set in 19th century England about a young girl who moves to town from the countryside to become a postmistress’ apprentice. “


Citizen Asha as usual is weighing in with something not quite right:  “I just finished reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.  When I first saw the title at BEA, I figured it would be a great read and I was right. Jacob’s grandfather has been telling him stories of a strange but fantastical orphanage in the Welsh countryside, when his grandfather dies he decides he needs to take a trip to see the orphanage. Only one problem, the orphanage was destroyed on September 3rd, 1940 during an air raid yet, he has a letter from Miss Peregrine dating 1985. Very peculiar.”




Candace is remaining true to type and continuing to ponder her fellow homo sapiens:  She is reading The Social Animal by David Brooks and reports that it “is so interesting!  I want to buy a copy.” 



Pat T. wants all to know that she has “just finished reading another great Douglas Kennedy book - Pursuit of Happiness. His books always have a good plot, great character development and engaging dialogue - three ingredients for a good read!”





Abby says “I’m currently having a fun time with The Affair, the new Jack Reacher novel coming out in September.  Armed only with his travel toothbrush and heavy duty English shoes, Jack heads south in this book. The Affair provides good background about Jack's origins and what led him to life out of the military and off the grid.  Reacher Creatures should be pleased.”




Elisabeth of Team Tone reports:  Right now I am reading The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. It is a fictional account about Ernest Hemingway's marriage to his first wife, Hadley Richardson, and their life together in Paris at the beginning of his writing career. This story has an intriguing mix of funny and heart-sinking moments, and it provides insight into the personal life of one of America's most revered authors from the perspective of the person that knows him best.



Have a great weekend!