It’s called “Let’s Play Casting Director!”

And the Citizen and I were playing it yesterday with one of our favorite new books, The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson.  

The Family Fang
tells the story of, well, The Family Fang.  Mom and Dad Fang (Camille and Caleb) are performance artists who use their children Annie and Buster (aka Child A and Child B) as part of their “art” (Buster and Annie call it mischief).  When the “art” goes too far Annie and Buster are in high school and  they say no more moving  out and on with their lives as soon as they can.
Unfortunately Annie and Buster come up against some  pretty disastrous career and personal setbacks, and they are forced to move back home. Caleb and Camille see this as a wonderful opportunity to perform one last piece.    But then the Parents Fang disappear, the possible victims of a violent crime.  Or did they?

This book would be tremendous for book groups.

Oh and did I mention that it is devastatingly funny?  Because it is.

So anyway, back to the game.

Here is the casting that The Citizen and I agreed on after MUCH discussion:
    Caleb Fang –Alec Baldwin
    Camille Fang – Diane Keaton
    Annie Fang – Christina Ricci
    Buster Fang – Toby Maguire

 Won’t you please grab a copy and then visit us at The Welcome Desk with casting ideas of your own.


I loved the book and also

I loved the book and also play Casting Director. For this one, I am going with Kevin Kline as Caleb. He can do comedy and/or rip your heart out (hello, Sophie's Choice)depending on what is required. Christina Ricci a bullseye. Still working on the rest of the cast.