Thanks, Hank, and I can guarantee wonderful book goodness which will also prove illuminating as our days grow shorter.

Seriously, this September is one of the best ones I can remember for new releases.  Be sure to check out these stellar reads!

Birds of Paradise by Diana Abu-Jaber.  In modern day Miami pastry chef Avis and real estate lawyer Brian are still mourning the disappearance of their daughter Felice who ran away when she was thirteen.  When she reappears in their lives 5 years later, they all must reexamine just what it means to be a family.  If you have loved Abu-Jaber’s previous works as we have, her latest will make you adore her all the more.


On Canaan’s Side by Sebastian Barry.  89 year old Lily is looking back on her life upon the death of her grandson. This Booker nominated novel spans the time and place of the Great War and life in Ireland to Vietnam and America.  It sounds like it would be a natural for book groups.




Lost Memory of Skin by Russell Banks is my pick of the year.  How do you define genius writing?  For me it is taking a main character that your logic tells you would not give an ounce of empathy or sympathy to and turning it on its ear.  The Kid is just such a character.  He lives under a causeway in Florida and sports an ankle bracelet.  And he is not allowed within 2,500 feet of where children may gather.  Despite the warning flags,   I promise you too will be rooting for The Kid.  



Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach is a baseball book that is not about baseball. When Henry Skrimshander arrives at Westish College to play short stop on the school’s baseball team he is on the top of his game and it would seem that he is destined to play for the Majors.  But when a throw goes awry his amazing gift seems to desert him.  Even the minor characters in this wonderful debut sing.  This is what everyone needs for the Fall.  A smart wonderful novel.

Happy End of Summer/Begining of Fall!