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City of Wind by Pierdomenico Baccalario

Translated by: Leah D. Janecko

The book City of Wind is a wonderful book with many twists and turns. This book is the third book in the Century Quartet series. The book takes place in Paris, “the windy city” (City of Wind). In the book the main characters are Harvey, Sheng, Mistral, and Elettra. Each main character comes from a different city and country.

  • Harvey, New York City U.S.

  • Sheng, Shanghai China

  • Mistral, Paris France

  • Elettra, Rome Italy

All the characters go to Paris for different reasons and they end up in a big treasure hunt for clues that leads to an unknown treasure. While this is happening they have to battle against an evil organization for the clues. Also they have to keep the organization from stealing the clues that the group already has. There are two parts that the book could be improved upon. One is that the plot is hard to follow. Also the book has a very abrupt ending that is hard to understand. Those are the key points in the book City of Wind.