Monday Matinee Film Series

Grab a coffee on us, get comfortable and explore the role of technology in the lives of children and teens as presented in these eye-opening documentaries:

     Digital Nation [Mondays, January 9 and January 23 at 10AM]  Over a single generation, the Web and digital media have remade nearly every aspect of modern culture. Frontline explores our lives as citizens in a digital age. 90 minutes.

     Remote Control [Mondays, February 6 and February 27 at 10AM]   The average American child spends over 40 hours per week consuming media, the equivalent of a full-time job. Remote Control offers a fascinating look at the centrality of media in our lives, revealing far-reaching effects that we are only beginning to understand. 39 minutes.

     Growing Up Online [Mondays, March 5 and 19 at 10AM]   This Frontline documentary peers inside the world of the new cyber-savvy generation of tweens and teeens; a generation with a radically different notion of privacy and personal space. 60 minutes.


Computer Basics for Parents [Wednesday, January 18, 9:30 - 11:30AM]

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Have you just begun to dip a toes into the digital waters? We've got the perfect beginner's class for you. Learn basic computer vocabulary and concepts. Play with common applications and software. Ask questions and get answers! 


Facebook & Google+: A Workshop for Parents [Wednesday, January 25, 9:30 - 11:30AM]

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Are you on Facebook or Google+? How about your tween or teen? In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to navigate privacy settings and keep your profile safe in both Facebook and Google+.


Twitter for Parents

Tuesday, January 31, 9:30 - 10:30AM [Click here to REGISTER.]

Wednesday, February 1, 9:30 - 10:30AM [Click here to REGISTER.]

Tweeting's not just for the birds anymore! Learn the basics of using Twitter and experience how this dynamic tool can connect people across the globe. Find out how to limit settings and establish guidelines for tweens and tween who tweet. Register for one of the two offered workshops.


Tweet Up with the Children's Librarians [Fridays, February 10 at 11AM, March 2 at 11AM]

Whether you're on Twitter 24/7 or just tentatively tweeting, join us for these fast-paced and fun conversations, known as "Tweet Ups", on Twitter. On February 10, we'll be discussing eBooks, eReaders, and best practices for engaging both reluctant and voracious young readers. On March 2, we'll be talking about using Darien Library's interactive website and catalog. Tweet along by using the hashtag #CLTweetUp. Tweet from the Children's Library computers, at home, or on the go!


Tech Moms: A Panel Discussion for Parents [Wednesday, February 15 at 9:30AM]

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Have you ever thought about starting a blog or a website? Whether you're interested in posting day-in-the-life observations, starting your own online business, or forming parenting network, you'll have the opportunity to meet four local moms who regularly blog, tweet and maintain personal and/or professional websites. Find out how these modern moms successfully use technology for parenting, business, and beyond. Panelists will include Nicole Lyons, Jacquie Miller and Jennifer St. Jean. The panel will be moderated by Lisa Adams.





Etsy Workshop [Tuesday, March 6, 10AM - 12 Noon]

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Are you crafty? Do you make handmade goods? Etsy is the world's most vibrant place for buying and selling handmade or vintage items. Learn all about how to run an Etsy shop from Jennifer St. Jean of Itty Bitty Bag.


Smart Apps, Sound Screentime: A Panel Discussion for Parents [Tuesday, March 13 at 9:30AM]

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Touch screen technology and apps have changed the way even very young children interact with media, books and each other. But how much screentime is too much? Where do parents draw the line between healthy does of technology and oversaturation? How can parents find great, educational apps for different age groups? Hear from a panel of experts who will share their experiences and recommendations. This program is co-sponsored by Darien Library and YWCA Parent Awareness, members of Thriving Youth; Connected Community.


App Chat [Thursday, March 15 at 4PM]  

Parents and educators are invited to join the Children's Librarians at this special edition of Children's Library Chat. We'll be discussing great apps for different age groups- everything from interactive eBooks to educational games. We'll also be sharing tips on how to find and evaluate apps for children.


Part of Cyber Parents & Digital Natives: A Technology Series for the Modern Family.



[Tweet bird image and laptop photo courtesy of Flickr user dmitrybarsky]