What's the platform?

  • This is a Drupal site on a Linux server with Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Where did all the great social features come from?

  • This is SOPAC 2.0, the social OPAC.  The original SOPAC was released at the Ann Arbor District Library by John Blyberg when he worked there. John has built upon his work for AADL to create SOPAC 2.0 for the Darien Library.

What's different about SOPAC 2.0?

  • For users, the tagging, reviews, ratings and comments have an improved interface and the advanced search options have a more intuitive layout. Anyone can join the site and add tags, reviews or comments, with or without a library card.
  • Technically, SOPAC 2.0 is very different from its predecessor. It's a Drupal module that is distributable and can work with any library system.

Where does the social data live?

  • This is another feature of SOPAC 2.0  - the social repository. Libraries that allow users to add social information (tags, reviews, ratings)  to their catalog have found that while some members love to add data, others do not and the end result is a small set of tags and ratings that isn't as useful for searching and sorting. SOPAC 2.0 introduces a repository for all of the social information contributed by any library that uses SOPAC 2.0. Libraries can display their own tags, reviews and ratings and those from other libraries. They can choose which library's information they'll use and allow their own member's contributions to be displayed first.
  • Participating libraries maintain their own tags, reviews and ratings. Every night, each library will upload its own social data  and download nightly digests that reflect the changes within the group.

 You mean my library can have this too?

  • Yes, SOPAC 2.0 is a distributable software package. Darien Library is using Drupal for our website and Innovative Interfaces, Inc. for our ILS. John has built the connectors between SOPAC and III and Drupal, but with the right connectors, any ILS will work. For a more detailed explanation, see John's pre-release blog post.