Nice New Book Goodness!

Here is what you can find on the shelves that is new next week. Come in and visit us, or put your items on hold from home! We will let you know when they are ready for you to pick up!

More Tech Books Have Arrived!

What will you be learning this fall?
What will you be learning this fall?

At just before 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 6th, these tech books are not quite available to be picked up. However, these new books are so exciting, that I could not wait to post about them! These new books were selected for every day programs like Microsoft Office and to enchance your skills before you head to the Digital Media Lab!

Look for these books to be on the shelves tomorrow. Make your holds request now so you can be first in line! Look forward to more tech books to be arriving soon.

Tantalizing Non-Fiction Titles on Main Street

Only one of several tasty new books!
Only one of several tasty new books!

I usually take a photo-a-day to post on Darien Libary's social media, but while walking along Main Street this morning, this selection of non-fiction titles caught my eye. Thus I decided to create this booklist so you can directly request these particular titles instead of just looking at a photo!

Share your favorite non-fiction book in the comments? 

Beyond Books: A Darien Library Program of Fun, Fact and Fiction

Singapore fling!
Singapore fling!

Join Barbara Monin for a Singapore Fling!  Our intrepid traveler has recently visited the exotic land of Singapore with its fascinating mixture of cultures and architecture.  Her photos and commentary will transport you to another world.  Find us at the Darien Senior Activities Center on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 12:30 p.m.

Lords (and Ladies) of the Rings

The Games of the XXX Olympiad are already underway in London, even though the torch won't be lit until Friday evening. This year, we'll be watching basketball, swimming, track, gymnastics, and all of the other summer events and when it's all over, we'll have a new set of memories and favorite moments for the ages.

Just in time for the London Olympics is this new viewer's handbook, which gives a brief history of the Games and explains all of the trivia and traditions. Exactly how wide is that balance beam? Why does Greece always march first in the Opening Ceremonies? What do the five Olympic rings and their colors symbolize? It's all here, along with "top ten" lists, rules, historical backgrounds, and what not to miss over the next few weeks. The eyes of the world will be on London -- see here for schedules and headlines. Let the Games begin!

Hooray for Hockeywood!

Last night, the Los Angeles Kings won their first Stanley Cup ever, in the 46th year of their existence. They're celebrating in LA and while none of our area hockey teams went home with the big prize, it's a long wait until the puck gets dropped again. Summer is the perfect time to keep cool by delving into hockey's legends and history.

Short of making the trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, the best way to do that is with Hockey Hall of Fame Treasures. It's a new coffee table book filled with beautiful color photos of historic artifacts -- Wayne Gretzky's jersey, a recreation of the Canadiens' dressing room, timelines, goalie masks, over a thousand pucks, and much more.

Congratulations to the Kings and happy off-season to all hockey fans, already counting the days until fall!

New York Times Bestsellers: Non-Fiction

Top Ten Hardcover Bestsellers from the New York Times for the week of  August 3rd.





NPR Bestsellers: Non-Fiction

NPR Nonfiction Bestsellers for the week of July 31st.


Montessori Books List

A Team Effort

Two years ago, in June of 2010, Sports Illustrated published an article titled "The Magical Season of the Macon Ironmen." The article told the story of the 1971 high school baseball season in Macon, Illinois, a small town struggling against drought, the backdrop of the Vietnam War, and other upheavals of the time. The Ironmen had an unlikely coach and "Hoosiers"-like run to the state championship, but their story was much more than that.

Author Chris Ballard has crafted his original article into a full-length book, One Shot at Forever, just released this month. The cover photo shows the players with mismatching uniform shirts and peace symbols on some of their caps, and hints that this Macon team did more than just unite their small town -- they created a legacy that still resounds, not just in their hometown.

In his book, Ballard tracks down former team members and their coach, as they return and remember that special year on the brink of their adulthoods. Even if you can't tell a doubleheader from a double play, One Shot at Forever will make you a fan of this small town and its beloved high school team. As the New York TImes review said, "This isn't merely a book about baseball. It's a book about heart."






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