Welcome to the Blue Moon Edition of You Are What You Read.  This week’s housekeeping involves two Thank-Yous. First one goes to Cathy of the Admin for making the offering of taffy from her travels. Thanks Cath!  The Always Charming Pete E is back from travels to the Left Coast and has gifted us with chocolates.  Thanks Pete!  So at least things are slightly back to what passes for normal around here. This being said, The SoNo Loft is still silent. It looks to me like a new roof is involved so say a prayer that the railing will be replaced soon, and the messages of good cheer will resume.

I am sure that you are all aware that tonight there will be a Blue Moon; meaning that it is the second full moon in the month which is a rather rare occurrence. So rare in fact, that it won’t happen again until January 2018.  Because the lunar calendar and the calendar year aren’t perfectly in sync, this happens every three years or so. Please note that this is not a global event, New Zealand  will be missing out on this one.  Of course this is all rather tricky, because the original definition was the third full moon in a four moon season.  I know! This had me scratching my head too. BUT if you think of it as each season has 3 months that should mean 3 full moons not 4.  And then as if all this wasn’t whacky enough, there is the whole Blue Moon Rhyme which dates from 1528 “If they say the Moon is blue, we must believe that it is true.”  Um ok.  Not sure who ‘they’ are and why we should listen but when a ditty has been quoted for  487 years then who am I to question? And then there is the whole color piece.  Apparently forest fires and volcanic eruptions can cause the moon to have a bluish cast.  AND then when you factor in what this rogue moon does to the liturgical calendar? Honestly? It’s all too much for my pea brain in this heat.  Just enjoy the moon People.

This week we have some Hostess cupcakes, a few Gods and Goddesses, and a repeat appearance from a beloved character.

The Playlist?  But of course!  But it may not be available in New Zealand.

Let us begin!

Sweet Ann has just finished Language Arts by Stephanie Kallos and here is what she thinks of that. “This is the deeply moving story of high school teacher Charles Marlow, his wife and their autistic son Cody.   Charles and his estranged wife try to make the best living arrangements they can for their son, Cody.   One of the themes in this novel is the influence of memory on all of us.  The following is a quote from the book:

Memory--uncorrected, uncorroborated, and (by its very nature) unreliable--is what allows us to retroactively create the blueprints of our lives, because it is often impossible to make sense of our lives when we're inside them, when the narratives are still unfolding: This can't be happening. Why is this happening? Why?
  Is this happening now?  Only by looking backward are we able to answer those questions, only through the assist of memory.  And who knows how memory will answer?  Who will it blame?  Who will it forgive? Perhaps the most important character in everyone's life--and the one we have the most ambiguous relationship--is memory itself.

This is a wonderful thought provoking novel with well-developed characters.  I also loved Ms. Kallos' earlier novel, Broken for You”.

The Amazing Amanda has been making her way through the mythology saturated world of Rick Riordan. “There are currently four different series set in a world where demigods; the human children of gods; fight to save the world on behalf of their godly parents. I'm currently 3/5 of the way through the second series which has the demigods journeying to the ancient lands of Rome and Greece to battle the mother of all gods, titans, and monsters: Gaia.  In The Mark of Athena, the second to last chapter stopped my heart. I suspected what was to happen to at least one character, but wow. Guessing and hearing are two different things. It was so sad that I couldn't pick up the new book all weekend. What I appreciate the most about Riordan's novels is the unexpected ways the monsters all have lives and ambitions beyond just being ‘meant to frighten/kill/harm you.’ You don't see that most works other than maybe a vague sense of them working towards a greater goal. In this world, the monsters have jobs, dreams, and families; you almost feel bad when they're killed off. But if you let sympathy get to you, they'll kill you instead. “

I was lucky enough to be asked to read an advance copy of After You by JoJo Moyes (yes, I do have the best job ever) the sequel to Me Before You.  Life doesn’t always go as you planned and as Lou discovered in Me Before You, sometimes the greatest gift is the one you didn’t know you had coming and the one you want the least.  In After You, we discover what life has in store for Lou, her family and the Traynors.  As in Me Before You, there are plenty of laughter, tears, and the joy of the unexpected.  There are a whole lot worse ways to spend a fall weekend and I can’t think of many more that could be better than tucking in with Lou and company.   Get excited! This comes out at the end of September. 

DJ Jazzy Patty McC is here from That State Up North with the final musings of the week.  What’s good Pats? “The Blue Moon tonight feels particularly auspicious. Maybe it’s because we are immersed in wedding season. Seriously, I know about half a dozen friends and relatives who are getting married this summer. Maybe it’s because my 22nd wedding anniversary is today. I think it’s the culmination of all those things plus the fact that my first child was born on a Blue Moon. Neil deGrasse Tyson would tell you that the moon won’t actually be blue tonight and has the potential to be more red than blue unless a volcano erupts somewhere today. Check that out here. I suggest tonight we all indulge in a little romance. So tonight get outside, look up and let the moon rays wash over you. After all, tonight only happens once in a Blue Moon. Now enjoy a little music to put you in the mood.”


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