Amanda and Sally's MUOMS
Amanda and Sally's MUOMS

Amanda's Picks

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey.  All is not well in 1920's Alaska as a couple lives in near isolation together as they struggle to carve a life out of the forbidden landscape. Then one afternoon they share a playful moment and build a snowchild out of the fresh snow. In the morning, the snowchild is gone with only steps leading away from where the snowchild was. Is the child real or not real? Has their longing created a child out of snow, mittens, and a scarf?

The Tiffany Aching Adventures by Terry Prachett. One of my favorite humorists, Prachett delivers in this series a strong heroine who is practical, forthright, and independent who is trying to learn how to take care of the people in her homeland of the Chalk. She is their witch. However, growing up is hard for a witch and while trying to growing up, Tiffany makes her own share of mistakes and as the books come to the dark climax in I Shall Wear Midnight, Tiffany must face the consequences that came from fixing a prior mistake.

The Color of Earth by Tong-hwa Kim. These three graphic novels are about the author's mother's childhood in Korea prior to World War 2. The fresh honesty and prospective about growing up ring true and solid even a world away in another century. These books are beautifully illustrated and you find yourself turning the pages very quickly as you grow up alongside the heroine.


Sally's Picks

My Year With Eleanor : A Memoir  by  Noelle Hancock. This narrative nonfiction book introduces the character Noelle Hancock who has just lost her job. Noelle realizes that she has no idea what she wants out of life and also realizes that she is afraid of change. She bravely makes the decision to follow the words of Eleanor Roosevelt : "Do one thing every day that scares you". By using this quote as her mantra Noelle learns who she is and what she can become.

She Walks In Beauty : A Woman's Journey Through Poems  by Caroline Kennedy. Caroline Kennedy uses the world of poems to pay tribute to the complex and fascinating subject of womanhood. Her book covers a multitude of milestones including love, marriage, motherhood and grief. Such topics have an introductory page written by her which is then followed by a series of poems that support her thoughts.

Burn Down The Ground : A Memoir  by Kambri Crews. This memoir tells the story of young Kambri Crews, the daughter of deaf parents, and her childhood in rural Texas. Her mother, a kind woman who was fully involved in the deaf community, was a strong contrast to her father: an angry and violent man. This book explores the range of Kambri's feelings toward her father- love and adoration followed by fear and finally acceptance.

Blue Asylum : A Novel  by Kathy Hepinstall. This novel takes place during the Civil War, a time period where a woman's voice is rarely heard. The wife of a Southern plantation owner is arrested by her husband and tried in a court of law. It is determined that she is insane and she is sent to an asylum where she meets and falls in love with a Confederate soldier.

 I Wish I Were Engulfed In Flames  : My Insane Life Raising Two Boys With Autism by Jeni Decker. Jeni Decker's memoir details her life with two autistic sons, a husband who avoids household chores, an Australian Shepard and an albino frog. This sometimes shocking story tells of her determination to raise two healthy kids and hold onto her sanity at the same time. This book is funny and inspiring as we read of Jeni's wish to be the "new normal”

Lady Almina And The Real Downton Abbey : The Lost Legacy Of Highclere Castle by Fiona Carnarvon. This true story is a study in contrasts. First there is the difference between the rich who live an an Edwardian home called Highclere Castle and their servants who keep life there running smoothly. Secondly there is the relative ease of life in the castle and the difficulty of life at war. The main character, Lady Almina chooses to bridge that gap by tending to the wounded soldiers in her home.