While this week started dark and stormy it would appear that we may finally be sliding into Spring.  And, not a moment too soon in my humble opinion.  In Spring Related News Sweet Ann is still under Workman Siege.  She is still without electricity and running water in parts of her home.  But this does not stop her from spreading her sunshine.  Yes, that is Ann’s Egg Tree gracing YAWYR this week.  Nothing can keep this woman down.  She is unsinkable!  Also, I promise that this will be the last tidbit involving Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century but Pauline not only decorated with dolls (remember almost as creepy as clowns) but she painted a mural in her home depicting her falling from grace while Anne Perry ascends into the heavens riding a white horse.  You know you want to read this one.  This week we have a new addiction, danger and grave robbing,  Zombie romance, some poignancy, a whole lotta wrong, craziness,  Russia,   TEAM ZELDA!,  a blessed event, and letters to Snorkles!

Let us begin!

John is sticking to his principles!  “I really want to see the movie Life of Pi, but I refuse to until I read the book, so that is what I'm up to.  I just started it but I'm already hooked.”

Miss Krishna has me a little worried.  Ok, actually a lot worried. Read on and discover why.  “I am currently obsessed with The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. I read City of Bones in anticipation of the movie adaptation coming out this August. I find that I am drawn to books where there is always danger surrounding the romance of our two main characters, who in this case turn out to be siblings,  a little Flowers in the Attic ew but still highly entertaining.  Lincoln’s Grave Robbers is the other book that I’ve been toting around everywhere. It is just as fast paced as James L. Swanson’s Chasing Lincoln’s Killer and just as fascinating. Steve Sheinkin’s writing instantly draws you in and it’s so mind blowing to read about counterfeiters in the 1800s and the Secret Service’s beginnings. There is such an influx of writing surrounding President Lincoln but I find the kids narrative nonfiction to be the most fascinating as well as the easiest to throw in your tote.”  I may be mistaken but romance between siblings could possibly be the most wrong thing there is.  Discuss.

Miss Elisabeth and Zombies. Who knew? “I just finished Warm Bodies, which was excellent in every way. The book, which was released as an (equally excellent) movie this February, is funny, wry, and a total departure for zombie literature. Telling the story of the zombie uprising through the voice of a zombie R, who just wants to connect, the book looks at what makes us human, what makes us alive, and whether or not it is possible to come back from being undead. There's a great romance (yes, romance in a zombie book!) and the writing is top-notch. This book was tons of fun. “

Pat T. has chosen a book for its cover.  “The cover of  The Obituary Writer enticed me to read the latest novel by Ann Hood. The novel is about two women from different generations who are struggling with their roles in society. We meet Vivien in 1919, working as an obituary writer helping people deal with their grief, as she attempts to come to terms with the disappearance of her lover in the San Francisco earthquake of 1908. Claire is a wife and mother in 1961, who tries to fit into this role while struggling desperately with her unhappy marriage. These two women are connected by the pain of loss, grief and regret and eventually one helps the other  reclaim her future. This story was realistic and poignant, dealing with the roles of women in our society.”

Barbara M. Shantaram. Discuss.  If you are not filled with concern at this point I can’t help you. 

Ann.  Still. “I am still reading The Accursed by Joyce Carol Oates.  It is a fascinating book filled with craziness that has kept me quite intrigued.  I am almost finished and can't wait to see how this book will conclude under the wonderful writing of Ms. Oates.”

Lois is revisiting an old friend in a new format for her. “I’m listening to the audiobook of City of Thieves.  I have read the book and loved it, and now I am listening to prepare for One Book, One Community.  This is a great book, great story, and great choice!”

Stephanie, as usual is being too nice.  I literally shoved this book into her hands and demanded that she read it.  This is one I am passionate about and I say to all you writers picking on the bones of Zelda’s life CUT IT OUT!  We are TEAM ZELDA and we will not put up with your sacrilege and lies anymore!  There is no better bio on her out there and to fictionalize her life is a travesty.  Ok.  I’ll let Steph talk now.  “This week I was thoughtfully handed Zelda, by Nancy Milford, and so far I am LOVING it. Poor Zelda. What a life! I haven’t gotten to the sad stuff yet but I know it’s coming. I will revel in her crazy adolescence and stringing-along of ole F. Scott for just a bit longer.”

And now a message from Caroline about an upcoming event that we are all VERY excited about.  “If anyone has seen me around the library recently, it’ll come as no surprise to learn that I’m reading…pregnancy books.  So here are a few recommendations, please let me know if you have others!  Of course I immediately tracked down the classic What to Expect When You’re Expecting – go-to pregnancy advice since first published in 1984.  And yes, there’s an app for that .  If you have a little advance notice,  What to Expect Before You’re Expecting was also very helpful, especially in regard to nutrition and other things you can do to get prepared.  Of course being the Bravo watcher that I am, I had to check out Rosie Pope’s Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy. Great, straightforward and entertaining advice, just like her show!  I don’t think I’ll be ‘pregnant in heels’ anytime soon though."  This is not the only reveal however. Tune in next week for some more exciting news from Caroline.

Those who know me know I always have what is known in Jen Speak as a “Blow Dry Book”.  This is because while the daily blow out is something that has to happen, it is not something I particularly enjoy.  In fact I find it to be a colossal bore.  BUT I am just that sort of vain that this daily activity is a non-negotiable. The Blow Dry Book needs specific criteria to qualify.  The text needs to be able to be read in short snippets but compelling enough to not dread the book and the blow out.  Often the blow dry book is a collection of letters.  And so it is this time.  P.G. Wodehouse:  A Life in Letters edited by Sophie Ratcliff is a fascinating glimpse into the private and professional life of this marvelous British author who was famous for his Wooster and Jeeves series.   The letters I am enjoying the most are the ones between him and his step-daughter whom  he loved like his own.  His pet name for her?  Snorkles!  How cute is that?  One thing I find fascinating was that he did a lot of his writing in the 1920s on Long Island. He says in one letter that he did not find Scott Fitzgerald to be all that drunk.  I just adore a gossipy letter.

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