Honestly there are no words for this week. Nothing but misery upon misery.  But it would seem that there will be a break in the heat this weekend.  We are still on a little something we are now calling Twin Watch 2013.  Yes, Caroline is still here and she is doing very well thank you. And please no wagering.  This week we have  Italy, The Street Life, Taiwan,  more Italy and a sizzling romance.

Let us begin!

Barbara M.  Again no France.  Again No Nazis.  Could this be the New Normal?  “I’m reading Story of My People by Edoardo Nesi.  This is a poetically written explanation of the demise of the Italian textile industry by a former textile factory owner and renowned writer.  Nesi’s grandfather and his brother started the company in the 1920s and Edoardo and his family was forced to sell it in 2004. Although he skips around a lot, Nesi’s interesting explanation of the disastrous effect of globalization on Italy’s faltering economy is interesting.”

Babs B. is reading The Buy Side:  A Wall Street Trader's Tale of Spectacular Excess  by Turney Duff.  “This is the true story about a naive young man who moves from Freeport, Maine to make it big in the finance world.  Duff was a promising rookie on the trading desk at troubled  Galleon.  He was making more money than he could spend and got sucked into the seamy side of Wall Street;  nightclubs every night and  voraciously inhaling any drug to fill the void he felt inside.  He  wasn't a happy camper and was slowly killing himself with his lifestyle.  Finally, after working on the Street for 15 years, he makes the decision to walk away from it all, getting his life together and getting sober.  This is truly an inspirational story.” 

Sweet Ann is reading The Third Son by Julie Wu.  “This novel follows Saburo, the third son of a family living in Taiwan during both the Japanese occupation the Chinese National Army's reign. Saburo has suffered greatly at the hands of his parents who blamed him for their misfortunes, older brothers who treated him horrendously and the harsh conditions of the time. He meets the love of his life, Yoshiko, when they are both children escaping from an American air raid.  This novel tells of Sabura's childhood and then his adult life in America that also is fraught with difficulties. As his life begins to turn around you will begin the cheer for him.  It is an interesting, well written book.”

Pat T. is listening to the audio book The Light in the Ruins by Chris Bohjalian. “The story alternates between two decades, beginning in 1943 with  the Rosati family.  They  own a magnificent villa near Florence and  appear to be unscathed by the ongoing war in Europe when German soldiers come to appraise the art at their villa. The story moves forward to 1955 with the investigation of two brutal murders involving Rosati family members. As the murder investigation unfolds I look forward to finding the connection between the two stories. This is a good historical fiction novel with a twist of romance and mystery!”

The Amazing Amanda can’t seem to shake her supernatural romance arc. This week she’s reading Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. “The cover is deceitful with the image of a frosty purple rose being offered to the viewer. You dive into this Fae romance novel expecting for a Beauty and the Beast style romance. Instead your first view of the heroine, Aislinn is shooting pool in a bar where the landscape is full of urban decay, abandoned buildings, and graffiti marked walls. You can see right away that this is no sweet fairy tale setting.   Aislinn is a human with an ability to see the Fae. These terrifying creatures prod, grope, and harass humans. She tries to ignore them for if Fae discover her ability, they’ll torture her. To add to her troubles, the  Summer King has marked her as his potential bride. Even though Aislinn is suffocating under his attention, she delves into a sizzling romance with her best friend, Seth. But time is running out for her as being marked by the Summer King means she’s losing her mortality. Aislinn is going to have to face her demons and confront the Fae whether she likes it or not.”


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