Hosted by Jen Dayton
Hosted by Jen Dayton

¡Oralé! is the message from the SoNo Loft this week .  Don’t worry!  I did not know what this meant either.  But as is always the case of The Loft, the message is uplifting.  It turns out this can mean many things.   It is a sort of Mexican street slang that can mean okay! or let’s do it! or it can be the Chicano equivalent of yeehaw!   What a nice positive message for the beginning of the year.  Thanks SoNo Loft.   This week we have Mississippi, Vermont, and our very own home state of Connecticut!  Specifically Fairfield County.

Let us begin!

Abby is reading Natchez Burning by Greg Iles due out 4/29/14. I know she is not alone in being pleased to see him back. “Iles returns to Natchez, Mississippi home of Penn Cage who wears many hats. A former prosecutor, bestselling author, widower, father, and now mayor, Penn learns his physician father whom he idolizes and is highly respected across the racial lines of Natchez is keeping some deadly secrets.  The story goes back to the early days of the civil rights movement which was not embraced by a great portion of Mississippians. Segregation, a legacy of intense racism, and corruption made it difficult for those attempting to do the right thing to remain safe. The voices that spoke out in favor of justice were often silenced in brutal ways. In Natchez Burning, Penn must assist his father who is facing a murder charge but is unwilling to speak out in his own defense. As Penn works to unmask the ugly secrets of Natchez in the 1960’s to help his father, he may also provide justice for the many victims of the era’s brutality. It’s nice to see Iles back and in such good form following a near fatal car accident a few years ago.”

Thomas of Material Management and my son loves himself some dysfunction.  I am just going to believe that this is because I have provided him with such a lovely stable home life that he needs to read about these things to learn about them.  Yup.  That’s what I am telling myself.  “Ten Thousand Saints by Eleanor Henderson is the tale of a boy growing up in Vermont during the mid-1980s. After his best friend dies from an accidental drug overdose instigated by his estranged father's girlfriend's daughter, Jude is sent to New York to live with his father in order to stay out of trouble. He soon falls in with the straight edge punk movement and begins running into even more problems than previously expected. If you like reading about slow motion train wrecks, then this book is totally for you!”

I am loving The Land of Steady Habits by Ted Thompson which is due out in March.  Anders Hill lives up the tracks in my neck of the County and he is not going gentle into his 60’s.  In fact he is making some rather drastic changes.  He has left his wife, quit his job and is embracing middle of the day drinking with vigor.  But when things begin to really unravel, Anders wonders if there can be happiness found without dwelling in The Land of Steady Habits.  The writing is glorious and you can really tell that the author spent his formative years dwelling amongst us.  The descriptions of WASP ritual are spot on and it will make you gasp and then laugh out loud for the recognition of it.  

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