Hosted by Jen Dayton
Hosted by Jen Dayton

The SoNo Loft, after being silent for the last two weeks, finally has a new message for us.  It was worth waiting for and something I am sure we all can heartily endorse:  SNO-MORE!  Hopefully we will get some quality melting this weekend and maybe even a crocus or snow drop sighting.  Those of you with witch hazel bushes in the yard can probably attest that they are either blooming or about to. They always feel like a sort of miracle to me this time of year with their golden blossoms and clean scent: a  nice reminder that we are nearing the end of this endless winter. So I wish you a sighting of outdoor living plant material that is not an evergreen. That would be nice. Over the last weekend we went on a little road trip in hopes of a change of scene being a bit of a mood boost.  This meant that there was driving on the Cross Bronx and it brings me to another sign of spring:  Potholes.  The Traveling Companion was riding shotgun and I swear it was a job akin to looking out for icebergs on a ship.  We made it through without incident but it was sobering to see all the poor folks on the side of the road with flats and dead axles.  Be cautious out there!   This week we have a disgusting mess, some take-out, Paris, and a playlist that will provide some background music while your trusty Co-Pilot scans the road ahead.

Let us begin!

Amanda can’t give up her romance novels quite yet. She’s now diving deep into the world of Eloisa James with When the Duke Returns.  “The book is a far cry from the usual romance novel. The hero isn't some boring guy that just runs around being a rake. Instead, he's traveled the world, found the source of the Blue Nile, and most strangely for a romantic hero, he's a virgin at age 29. He's returned from his world tour to discover that his home is a disgusting mess that's fallen apart under his late father's control. His wife alternates between loathing his unconventional ways and her attraction to him. I read this one quickly because I adored the strange hero. As for their love story, I could leave it behind, because the heroine is the standard "super pretty" fare. I'm also coming around to Eloisa James’ writing style which includes two couples in her novels. Once again, I could throw the main heroine aside because I wanted to know what's going to happen to the background couple. “

Barbara M has a hankering for a little something. We just hope she isn’t hungry an hour after. “Chop Suey and General Tso’s Chicken may not have originated in China and fortune cookies may actually be Japanese. These are some of the topics covered in The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food by Jennifer 8. Lee. The book also explores some more important issues such as the plight of illegal Chinese immigrants who try to reach the United States each year. This is an interesting look at the Chinese food industry whose best day of the year is Christmas and worst Thanksgiving. “

Babs B back with the Nazis in Paris with the Last Train to Paris by Michele Zackheim . “Now in her eighties, it's been fifty-two years since Rose Manon left Paris.  In 1935, she was a foreign journalist living between Paris and Berlin during the rise of Nazi Germany.  During this period, Rose falls in love with a Berlin Jew who is forced to work for the Nazis so his family can survive.  Struggling with her Jewishness, Rose is forced to choose between her mother and lover as to whom will join her in literally the last train to Paris.

DJ Jazzy Patty McC in da house.  Take it Patty! I grew up in the Midwest, a place that had the first paved road in America. Where I come from the roads are wide, the drivers fast and the cars big. So until my seven year old son builds me that self-driving, flying car he's promised me, I am left with my metal beast. Having lived in many great cities, I've learned a lot about highway travel: Truckers, cb radio lingo, manual transmissions, changing a flat or the oil, and driving in bad weather. But if there's one thing on the road that always catches me, it's those pesky potholes. So this week as I imagine roads clear of ice and snow while making my way back from the Midwest, I'll be watching out for those potholes lurking under all that slush. I have a feeling they'll still catch me. This week I bring you a playlist to listen to while awaiting rescue from the giant pothole that swallowed your car. I recommend you listen to it in shuffle mode. Safe travels and watch out for those potholes, they'll get you every time.

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