Just a few miles away in neighboring New Canaan, a 22-room, multi-million dollar mansion on 52 acres sat completely empty for over half a century. The mansion's owner was Huguette Clark, heiress to a copper fortune. She never spent one night in the house; caretakers maintained the property, not knowing whether their employer was dead or alive.

Huguette Clark was, in fact, alive and fiercely private, spending the last two decades of her life under an assumed name in a New York City hospital. Daughter of US Senator and copper magnate William Clark, she slipped into obscurity in her 20s and never emerged, although her death in 2011 was notable enough to earn the front page of the NY Times. A failed early marriage, the untimely death of her sister, her generosity and faithfulness, the insanely lavish world she inhabited (not to mention her passions for doll collecting, miniatures, and cartoon television series)...this is an American story like no other.

Investigative reporter Bill Dedman, along with a surviving cousin who provides first-hand memories, now tells this story in Empty Mansions and it's the most comprehensive portrait of this mysterious recluse that we are likely to ever have. This book comes out in September and the anticipation is almost enough to make us wish the summer months away!