Sixteen-year-old Malala Yousafzai made international headlines when she survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban just about a year ago. The world found out about this Pakistani schoolgirl, who advocates for peace and education (especially for girls and women) and still risks her life by speaking out about the oppression and opportunity that she sees in her omeland.

Her new memoir, I Am Malala, was released earlier this month and coincided with her Nobel Peace Prize nomination; she is the youngest candidate in the history of the Nobel Prize. I Am Malala tells her life story to date, including her childhood in an idyllic valley where the Taliban becomes an increasingly dangerous presence and the attack that nearly ended her life in 2012. Malala's memoir is comparable to Anne Frank's diary -- a confusing and dangerous world seen through young, hopeful eyes -- and clearly shows us the progress we still have to make and the strength and determination of this young woman. An excellent and inspiring read for high school students and adults.