Who hasn't dreamed of packing up and moving to a place where life slows down, the beauty of nature abounds, and everything seems calmer and easier? That's just what Ellen Stimson and her family actually did: after vacationing in Vermont, they traded their St. Louis lives for fresh mountain air in the land of Ben & Jerry.

However, as flatlanders eventually find out, it isn't quite that easy. The Stimsons take over the country store and invoke a town-wide protest when they move the bread aisle. Skunks appear. Mud season lasts forever. There are definitely bumps in the road, but with humor and grace, the family eventually settles in and finds a home.

This new memoir comes out in October, just as the autumn colors appear and leaf-peepers head up to the Green Mountain State. Place your hold on Mud Season now to bring the perfect reading companion along on your Vermont travels!