This shirt (left) is made from corn! Really. And it's really soft.

Starre Vartan, the author of The Eco Chick Guide to Life: How to Be Fabulously Green, was here last night and talked to us about green living. It was a fabulous presentation with many surprises! The self-proclaimed "Eco-Fashionista" really does earn her title. She described the difference between cotton and organic cotton, wool and organic wool, and displayed items made of natural materials such as corn, soy, and bamboo. She also had items to show us which were made from reused materials, including a tote bag made from an old billboard(!) (shown at right).

Starre's done the research and it's all in her new book. It really is a must for anyone looking to make even the smallest eco-friendly change in their personal  habits, be it at home, in fashion, or globally.