You may have seen the headlines online and in print: penmanship and handwriting is losing ground to technology. We type all day, but rarely hand-write anymore. Script (or cursive) isn't being taught in many schools -- young people often can't even read it. Is this simply a nostalgic yearning or are we really losing something important by letting handwriting dwindle and fade away?

The Missing Ink by Philip Hensher attempts to answer this question. The author was inspired to examine the topic after realizing that he didn't recognize the handwriting of his closest friends. This book may just inspire you to break out pen and paper and rediscover the satisfaction of putting your thoughts on paper -- for a journal, card, or letter. Handwriting may be considered a "lost art," but it still connects and confirms in a personal way that tweeting and texting don't. Pick up this book for an informative look back, and then pick up a pen again!