Spring means longer days, open windows, and yes, spring cleaning. Who doesn't have a drawer, closet, or attic full of "stuff" that needs to be organized and maybe even discarded? While most of us are able to keep our tendencies to collect under control, others develop a crippling compulsion to hold onto items like old newspapers and never-worn-clothes. In extreme cases, people lose their marriages, children, and homes because they cannot control themselves.

Author Randy O. Frost is an expert on hoarding and why it happens. In Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things, he uses case studies to examine the thought patterns and behaviors that lead otherwise-normal people to barricade themselves among piles and towers of possessions. He also gives advice on how to approach family members or friends with hoarding difficulties. Even if you're just dealing with a drawer or car trunk that needs to be emptied, this book will help you re-assess your relationship with things and inspire a refreshing spring clean-out!