Ann and Asha's MUOMS Picks
Ann and Asha's MUOMS Picks

Ann's Picks:

Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt. This is a wonderfully written book about love and loss .  June loves her Uncle Finn who is dying from aids in the 1980's when people did not know much about the disease or were open to different lifestyles.  Her mother, Finn's sister, refuses to let her family be around her brother's lover who she blames for giving her brother aids.  Uncle Finn and June have a wonderful relationship and June is devastated when he dies.  She then meets his partner, Toby, and they form a special relationship to fill Finn's void in their lives.  This book also explores sibling rivalry and family dynamics.  This is a wonderful read.

Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel. This is the second of Hilary Mantel's trilogy exploring the life of Thomas Cromwell.  In this book, Thomas Cromwell is plotting the replacement of Ann Boleyn with Henry VIII's new love interest Jane Seymour.  The book chronicles the last nine months of Ann's life and concentrates on her trial and death.  This story is familiar to all of us but in Miss Mantel's hand it is a page turner.

Asha's Picks:

Burn Down The Ground: A Memoir by Kambri Crews. Crews tells the story of growing up as a Child of Deaf Adults in rural Texas. She tells the story of growing up with her quiet, loving mother who is working hard to support her family, while her father is an abusive alcoholic who is slowly destroying the family. She struggles to find a balance between the two worlds while trying to find a niche for herself.

ParaNorman by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel. Norman Babcock is not like the other children, in fact, he is reminded daily by everyone around him about how different he is. Norman is able to see and speak to ghosts, fun right? One day, his great uncle Prenderghast informs him that he needs to use his ability to keep the Blithe Hollow Witch asleep. Seems simple, until he realizes that something has gone awry with his plan and now the earth is shifting beneath him. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.