Review of Sisters by Raina Telgemeier

Raina and Amara are family, but that doesn't mean they always get along.
Raina and Amara are family, but that doesn't mean they always get along.

Sisters Book Review by Charlotte Zaino

Sisters is a graphic novel about Raina and her relationship with her little sister, Amara. Raina wants a sister REALLY badly, until she has one. The story starts when the whole family (except for her dad) is getting ready to go on a three week road trip from California to Colorado for a family reunion. Before they leave, Raina and Amara get in a big fight. Raina starts to wonder why she ever wanted a sister in the first place. Then the story goes back and forth in time from when they were little kids to the present. As the flashbacks go on, the girls get older. The illustrations really help to tell the story. 

This book is a sequel to Smile, which I found a little more exciting and entertaining. Sisters focuses more on a stressful time in Raina's life, because in this book her parents aren't getting along well and she feels left out at the family reunion. Even though the topic is more serious, there are still some exciting moments, like when Raina and Amara work together to get their old pet snake out of the car. Kids will like this book because even though there are events that most kids probably haven't been through (luring a king snake out of your car) almost every pair of siblings can relate to the relationship between Raina and Amara. In the end, Raina is glad to have a sister, and realizes that no one can replace her.

Thank you to new KAB Member Charlotte for giving us her review of the much anticipated new Raina Telgemeier graphic novel. 


Hey Kids, go out and play!










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STEAM Series 2014

design by Miss Lisa
design by Miss Lisa

STEAM Series


App Art

Tuesday, October 14th, 21st & 28th at 4:15pm

Young artists will "go digital" by experimenting with photography, drawing and animation apps. Grades 5 to 6.

Math Adventures

Wednesday, October 15th, 22nd, 29th & November 5th at 4pm

Join National Board-Certified teacher Mrs. Radia on a math adventure using art, music, movement and games. Grades 1 to 5.

Paper Circuits

Wednesday, October 22nd at 4:15pm

Light up LEDs using paper and copper tape to create circuits. Grades 3 to 6.

Exquisite Corpse

Wednesday, October 29th at 4:15pm

Learn art party games like Exquisite Corpse, Fax Machine, and Squiggle! Grades 3 to 6.




Lego Mindstorms

Tuesday, November 4th from 2-4pm

Thursday, December 4th from 2-4pm

Using Lego Mondstorm kits, teams will build thier own robots and then participate in chalenges created to test the design of their machine. Grades 4 to 6.

Building Blocks

Wednesday, November 5th at 4:15pm

Science comes to life for students as they conduct their own experiements through hands-on design and building activities with  the Stepping Stones Museum. Grades K to 2.

Felted Geodes

Tuesday, November 11th at 4:15pm

Let's create textile geology with wool that we will cut in half to reveal a beautiful surprise inside! Grades 5 to 6.

Sew & Glow

Tuesday, November 18th at 4:15pm

Join us as we use conductive thread to sew basic circuits into wearable art. * Basic handsewing skills are a prerequisite for this class. Grades 5 to 6.

Circuits, Ole

Monday, November 24th at 4:15pm

Join us as we explore a three-ring circus of circuits. Grades 5 to 6.

Gelatin Art

Tuesday, November 25th at 4:15pm

Using sheets of gelatin, intrepid printmakers will get to experiment with this unique medium to design greeting cards and art prints. Grades 3 to 6.



Marshmallow Shooters

Tuesday, December 2nd at 4:15pm

What goes up must come down! Build and play with your own marshmallow-shootign machine and send a blizzard of marshmallows through the air! Grades 3 to 6

Kitchen Sink Science

Tuesday, December 9th at 4:15pm

Wednesday, December 17th at 4:15pm

Bubble! Pop! Fizz! Using everyday houshold products we will explore science concepts. Grades K to 2.

Terrarium Workshop

Tuesday, December 16th at 4:15pm

Learn about and craft your own terrarium. Grades 3 to 6.


STEAM Series

design by Miss Lisa
design by Miss Lisa

STEAM Series

October - December

Join us as we  get all steamed up and learn together! The STEAM series will feature Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics programs. Our classes are drop-in or registred and appeal to a variety of ages.

Browse our full list of classes


Bookworms Returns!

Bookworms creating crafts and listening to stories.
Bookworms creating crafts and listening to stories.

Thursdays, September 11th, 18th, and 25th at 4:15 p.m.

Join us for a weekly crafty storytime.  Read a book, have a discussion, and get crafty!  Drop in to find out what's happening each week!

Ages 5 to 7.


A Techsplorer
A Techsplorer

Mondays at 4:15 pm
Sept 15th, 22nd, and 29th

A technology class for 6 to 8-year-olds. Elementary-aged children will have the opportunity to reinforce computer skills, explore fun new websites and create unique projects using both traditional and digital art techniques.

Registration is open to Darien residents, those employed full-time in Darien, or non-residents who are contributors at the $300 level and above.

This class is now full. Register for the waitlist!

September Open T|E|A Rooms

The T|E|A Room at Darien Library
The T|E|A Room at Darien Library

Tuesdays, September 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th at 4:30 p.m.

Calling all Makers! The T|E|A Room (Technology, Engineering, and the Arts is open for play, exploration, creation and discovery.

Grades 3 to 6. Drop-in.

September 9th: Banana Tattoos

In ancient times, tattoos were applied using a needle and a tiny hammer! Make your own pin-pricked design on a banana and watch oxidation create a work of art.

September 16th: Make a Zine

Learn how to create, design, and distribute your own zine!  Zines are great tools for telling stories, getting the word out about something you care about, or teaching something to your friends.

September 23rd: Creative Lettering

Calling all doodlers and art lovers: show off your skills in this class where we will draw and decorate zany letters with a variety of art supplies.

September 30th: Little Bits

Explore your inner inventor as we put together these little circuits..

Storytime Saturdays

Children's Library storytime attendees
Children's Library storytime attendees

Saturday, September 20th at 11 a.m.

A weekend storytime for families. Walkers up to 36 months with a parent/caregiver are welcome to attend this Saturday morning storytime, which will include some of our favorite books, rhymes, and fingerplays.

Back to School Bash

Image courtesy of Flickr user sofiamaus69
Image courtesy of Flickr user sofiamaus69

Wednesday, September 10 at 3 p.m.

Going back to school shouldn’t be a drag but a celebration! Join us as we make going back to school fun by decorating folders, bookmarks (for all the amazing books you’ll read) and special Rainbow Loom pencil toppers. Ages 3 and up. Drop-in.

Minecraft Fridays

Minecrafters unite!
Minecrafters unite!

Fridays, September 12th and 26th from 4 to 6 p.m.

Back by popular demand! Join us in the Children's Library as we present opportunities to build and collaborate in Minecraft.

Grades 3-6. Drop-in.

Parents can find further information about Minecraft and Minecraft Fridays here.

Visit the Fairfield County Minecraft Website for even more information.

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