ADHD and Mood Disorders: New Strategies and Treatments

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Steven Yeh
Photo courtesy of Flickr user Steven Yeh

Monday, March 23rd at 7pm

Darien Library and Darien Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) are pleased to present Dr. Alan Wachtel on ADHD & Mood Disorders: New Strategies and Treatments.  

Dr. Wachtel will discuss strategies, medication options and treatments for children who struggle with mood and attention. He will cover school-based accommodations and strategies. Research has shown that parents and teachers need to foster a child’s focus to maximize a child’s ability to learn. In addition, he will address the benefits and risks of various treatments and decisions when to commence or postpone treatment at various stages of a child's life.

Dr. Wachtel is the author of The Attention Deficit Answer Book. He is a board certified psychiatrist and is the founder and director of Familyhealth Associates and a Distinguished Life Fellow APA.

In the Louise Parker Berry Community Room.

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Common Core Panel Presentation: March 20, 2013

Common Core State Standards & Literacy Panel Presentation

Welcome Miss Krishna to the Children's Library!

We welcome Miss Krishna to the Children's Library at Darien Library. Please bring your children in to meet the newest member of our staff! Miss Krishna was selected from many wonderful applicants to become the McGraw Fellow for the Children's Library. 

Nutmeg Book Group: Walls Within Walls

Thursday, March 19th at 5 p.m.

Join us for pizza and a discussion of Walls Within Walls, a Nutmeg-Nominated book.

The discussion will be followed by a book-related activity.

Grades 4 to 6. Drop-in.

100 Before One Suggestions

This is Miss Elisabeth's all-time favorite book to read to babies!
This is Miss Elisabeth's all-time favorite book to read to babies!

Congratulations! You've signed up for Darien Library's 100 Before One program and have committed to reading your baby at least 100 books before their first birthday. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends reading to your infant every single day from birth, and we at Darien Library support that wholeheartedly. Reading is one of the very best ways to improve a child's vocabulary, and babies start learning words almost as soon as they're born! 

Very young infants do best with books with bold colors, photos of other babies, or stark black and white. These images are easier for their developing eyes to see, and will catch their interest more. Once your baby can grasp, board books are a great way to let your child figure out how books work! Rhyming text, interesting patterns, animal noises, and classic nursery rhymes are great for babies approaching the age of one. To get a jump start on your list, check out this booklist of great books for babies below! 

Starting a Handmade Business with Jen. St. Jean

Image courtesy of Jen St. Jean
Image courtesy of Jen St. Jean

Tuesday, January 13th at 10am

Do you want to start your own handmade business but are not sure where to begin? Go on a guided online tour with Darien resident and handmade business educator, Jennifer St. Jean. Her sales numbers are in the thousands, and her items are sold in boutiques and at Saks Fifth Avenue. Her online shop is


Raising Teens to Thrive and Succeed in a Digital World

Image courtesy of flickr user Kevin Jarrett
Image courtesy of flickr user Kevin Jarrett

Thursday, January 22nd from 9:30 to 11:30am

Our children are being referred to as a “Post Human Society” because they are the first generation to be more comfortable with technology than with actual human beings. In this talk, you will learn how to meet this new challenge and how to develop a deeper connection with your teen. You can help your child develop balance, motivation, responsibility, and empathy—even in the digital world.

This program is co-sponsored by YWCA Parent Awareness.

In the Louise Parker Berry Community Room.

Common Core Standards - Resources for Parents and Teachers

Looking to learn more about the Common Core State Standards? Here are a few great resources:

Presentation Slides from March 20, 2013 Panel Discussion

Children's Cooperative Book Center - Bibliographies with Common Core in mind  The website that details all aspects of the standards.

Connecticut State Department of Education

Parent Guides to Student Sucess  Created by the National PTA, these are grade-level guides that detail the skills children are expected to master.

Shifts for Students and Parents  Created by, this document explains the six major shifts in English and Math that happen under Common Core.

Common Core Standards Video - This video created by the Hunt Institute gives the history of the standards.

KAB Review: Villainous

What did Sage think of Matthew Cody's latest?
What did Sage think of Matthew Cody's latest?

Here are KAB member Sage's thoughts on Villainous:

When the truth spread that there were super humans in the town of Noble’s Green, tourists started coming from around the world. Because of that, the town opened up a super human school to teach the gifted how to control their powers for good. Around that time, mysterious acts of vandalism started appearing. The townspeople are blaming the super humans. Meanwhile, a group of super humans are bullying and terrifying everyone at the super-school. Will Daniel be able to solve all the mysteries?

Although I didn't like Villainous as much as the other two books in the Powerless series, there’s still a lot going on throughout the entire book. The main action happens in the last few chapters.

Featured Collection - Kids Languages

Choose from one of the many books in the Kids Languages Glade
Choose from one of the many books in the Kids Languages Glade

Are you traveling this December? Is your child curious about a new language or culture? The Kids Languages section in the Children's Library includes books, DVDs, and other resources in a variety of languages including Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew and Arabic. There are even materials for English Language Learners and kids passionate about American Sign Language.

The Library also subscribes to online databases that support learning a new language.

Muzzy Online

The world's number one language course for children, Muzzy has been recommended by teachers and parents for twenty-five years. Developed by the BBC, Muzzy online instructs learners through both animation and humor. Languages available include English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese Mandarin, and Russian.

Mango Languages

PhD- created and linguist-approved, Mango Languages is a language learning software for both adults and students.

Little Pim offers a variety of language DVDs and Playaway Views which are also part of the Kids Languages Glade.

The following booklist features some of the children's librarians' favorite books in this collection.

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