Common Core Panel Presentation: March 20, 2013

Common Core State Standards & Literacy Panel Presentation

Welcome Miss Krishna to the Children's Library!

We welcome Miss Krishna to the Children's Library at Darien Library. Please bring your children in to meet the newest member of our staff! Miss Krishna was selected from many wonderful applicants to become the McGraw Fellow for the Children's Library. 

When Tragedy Happens - How to Talk with Kids

Photo courtesy of Flickr user iStock_000011923856Medium
Photo courtesy of Flickr user iStock_000011923856Medium

It is often difficult to know what to say to children when tragedies occur, especially when we are trying to make sense of the world's events ourselves. 

Below are resources that can help you discern how best to communicate with your family. 

Explaining the News to Our Kids - Common Sense Media 

Helping Children Cope: Tips for Talking about Tragedy - Mayo Clinic

Talking with Kids about News: How to Help Kids Feel Safe After Tragedy - PBS Kids

Parent Resources:Tragic Events - The Fred Rogers Company 

Exciting Fall Releases in the Children's Library

Read Greg's latest adventure on November 3rd!
Read Greg's latest adventure on November 3rd!

Did you know there are some exciting new books coming out this fall that you can put on hold right now?

On August 18th, be the first of your friends to read Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories! Previously available as ebooks, this is their first time in print.

October 6th is another big day: the fourth Timmy Failure book comes out, and so does Rick Riordan's new series about Norse Gods, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard.

And finally, on November 3rd, Greg Heffley's journey continues with Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School!

If you place your holds today, you'll get a copy of the book the day it comes out! 

Happy reading!

Great resources for parents and caregivers!

The Capital District Child Care Council has put together an incredible bunch of resources for parents and caregivers. The tipsheets include:

  • Exploring Infant Toddler Development
  • Exploring Children's Social-Emotional Wellness
  • Exploring Early Literacy
  • Exploring Children's Health and Wellness
  • Exploring School-Age Children's Development
  • Building Emotional Learning and Literacy (BELL)
  • Do It Yourself (DIY)

New Children's Books: June 2015

Readers looking for a thrill will love Theodore Boone's latest adventure!
Readers looking for a thrill will love Theodore Boone's latest adventure!

On the hunt for something new and exciting?

Looking for a great new author or the next book in your favorite series?

Below you'll find a list of brand new children's books available here at Darien Library, published in the fifth month of 2015.

For a complete list of children's books published this month, visit Publisher's Weekly on-sale calendar!

KAB Review: Cakes in Space

Coming soon!
Coming soon!

We ask our Kids Advisory Board to review new and upcoming books. What did Kiran think of Cakes in Space?

Cakes in space was a great book - it was full of action and friendship. The book is about a girl named Astra who is moving to a new planet. It will take 1,000 years to get there so robots have to put them into sleeping pods. Astra wakes up in the middle of the night and she finds cakes made from the food robot nomo-torn but these cakes are alive and have a brain of their own. Astra goes on a journey through the ship with her friend Pilibeam who helps her stop the evil cakes

Meaningful Inclusion Benefits All Students

William Henderson, Ed.D., author of The Blind Advantage will be at the Library on April 27
William Henderson, Ed.D., author of The Blind Advantage will be at the Library on April 27

Monday, April 27th from 12 noon to 1:30 pm

William Henderson, Ed.D., author of The Blind Advantage: How Going Blind Made me a Stronger Principal and How Including Children with Disabilities Made the School Better for Everyone, will present practical strategies for developing successful inclusive schools.

Dr. Henderson will discuss actions that individuals can take and policies that schools can develop to promote a culture of inclusion, to provide instruction with universal design and specialized supports, and to build a community that collaborates and problem solves. He will also highlight how including students with disabilities can be a catalyst for improving teaching and learning for everyone.

As a first-year teacher, Dr. Henderson learned he was gradually losing his vision and was advised he “should get out of education.” Instead he continued to persevere and went on to become principal of the Patrick O’Hearn Elementary School which is now renamed the Dr. William W. Henderson K- 12 Inclusion School.

This program is co-sponsored by SEPAC, the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee. 


There will also be an educator presentation from 3:30 to 5 PM. 


Nutmeg Book Group: Walls Within Walls

Thursday, March 19th at 5 p.m.

Join us for pizza and a discussion of Walls Within Walls, a Nutmeg-Nominated book.

The discussion will be followed by a book-related activity.

Grades 4 to 6. Drop-in.

100 Before One Suggestions

This is Miss Elisabeth's all-time favorite book to read to babies!
This is Miss Elisabeth's all-time favorite book to read to babies!

Congratulations! You've signed up for Darien Library's 100 Before One program and have committed to reading your baby at least 100 books before their first birthday. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends reading to your infant every single day from birth, and we at Darien Library support that wholeheartedly. Reading is one of the very best ways to improve a child's vocabulary, and babies start learning words almost as soon as they're born! 

Very young infants do best with books with bold colors, photos of other babies, or stark black and white. These images are easier for their developing eyes to see, and will catch their interest more. Once your baby can grasp, board books are a great way to let your child figure out how books work! Rhyming text, interesting patterns, animal noises, and classic nursery rhymes are great for babies approaching the age of one. To get a jump start on your list, check out this booklist of great books for babies below! 

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