Non-Fiction for 4th & 5th Grade

The Children's Librarians have compiled their favorite selections for fourth and fifth grade.

March is Women's History Month

On March 8th many countries around the globe celebrate International Women's Day. It is even a national holiday in some locations! 

In the United States we celebrate National Women's History Month which was decided by Congress in 1987. 

Visit the Children's Library in March to see some of the inspiring women who have graced the covers of award-winning picture books and biographies. There are many more female heroes in the Kids Bio section of the library, as well as in the below booklist. 

Cybil Award Winners!

The Cybil Awards have been announced, and the list is full of great books we know you'll want to read! The Cybil Awards differ from awards like the Newberry and Caldecott in that they are nominated by the reading public (meaning you and I can nominate our favorite books!) and the winners are chosen by KidLit bloggers for their readability and kid appeal. You can find more about the nomination process here.

This year's list is highly readable and highly lovable! Check out the winners below!

Non-Fiction for 2nd & 3rd Grade

The Children's Librarians have compiled their favorite non-fiction selections for Second and Third grade. 

Non-Fiction for Kindergarten & 1st Grade

The Children's Librarians have compiled their favorite non-fiction selections for Kindergarten and First Grade. 

Cool Picture Book Animal: Moose

Ernest the Moose Who Doesn't Fit
Ernest the Moose Who Doesn't Fit

We've noticed a trend in the Children's Library recently--lots of picture books featuring a moose.  And if a book has a huge, antlered, sort of funny-looking animal in it, you know it's going to be funny.  Here are some great moose read-alouds that big and little readers will enjoy.

This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers - The newest book from a librarian-favorite, this is the story of Wilfred and his pet moose, Marcel.  Except, Marcel isn't a great pet, because he doesn't follow Wilfred's rules, like Rule 7: Going whichever way Wilfred wants to go.  When Wilfred meets a woman who thinks Marcel is her pet, and that he's named Rodrigo, he has to rethink his relationship with his antlered friend.

Ernest, The Moose Who Doesn't Fit by Catherine Rayner - It's tough to fit onto the pages of a picture book when you're as big as Ernest.  He struggles to cram his body parts onto the page, but just can't quite make it.  With the help of a friendly chipmunk, Ernest finally succeeds.  Readers will enjoy the surprise last page.

Z is for Moose by Kelly Bingham - In this wacky alphabet book, Moose can't wait to represent the letter "M".  He keeps popping up in other animals' pages, infuriating Zebra, who is orchestrating the lineup.  Of course, chaos ensues (it is a moose book, right?).

A Kiss Like This by Mary Murphy -  Perfect for toddlers, this book shows a variety of parent-baby animals and how they kiss.  Elephants kiss with their trunks, and a fish kiss is "fizzy and bubbly".  Although, moose don't star in the book, they are shown at the beginning and end.  

2013 ALA Youth Media Award Winners

Congratulations to this year's ALA Youth Media Award Winners!

The Newbery Award for excellence in children's literature went to The One and Only Ivan by Kathryn Applegate. Newbery honors were given to Laura Amy Schlitz for Splendors and Glooms, Sheila Turnage for Three Times Lucky, and Sibert Winner Bomb.

This year, the Caldecott Award for excellence in picture books went to John Klassen, for This is Not My Hat. Klassen also won a Caldecott Honor for Extra Yarn, by Mac Barnett. Other Caldecott Honors were given to Peter Brown for Creepy Carrots, Laura Seeger for Green, David Small for One Cool Friend and to Pamela Zagarenski for Sleep Like a Tiger. Special Congratulations to Miss Kiera on her excellent work on the 2013 Caldecott Committee!

The Sibert Award for excellence in children's non-fiction went to Bomb: The Race to Build (And Steal) The World's Most Dangerous Weapon by Steven Sheinkin. And the Geisel Award, for excellence in Early Readers, went to Up, Tall and High, by Ethan Long.

See a full list of winners below!

Mystery Readers Ages 3-5

New eBooks for Kids

eBooks via Overdrive at
eBooks via Overdrive at

The Children's Library is highlighting some of the new digital books we've added to the collection. Do you have an eReader at home? Find out how to check out titles from Darien Library's Overdrive and 3M collections

You can also make an appointment with one of the children's librarians to show your family how to download eBooks from the Library. 

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