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The Children's library got a GIANT shipment of brand new books today! From two new Wimpy-Kid read alikes to mysteries, spies, and a new series recommended by Rick Riordan, the Children's Library has a new book for you!

We also have brand new picture books listed here.

Check out the list of new Kids Fiction below! 

July's New Picturebooks

We got so many new books this week, we had to share them with you! Whether you like bunnies with blankets, new orange sweaters, dragons who love tacos, or dancing chickens (who doesn't?!), we've got a book you will love.

For more great picturebooks, take a look at our Booktalking picturebooks on display across from our Poetry section.

Kids Advisory Board Picks

The Mysterious Benedict Society makes it to the top of the list yet again.
The Mysterious Benedict Society makes it to the top of the list yet again.

The Kids Advisory Board has selected their top books of all time. There's a mix of popular series, realistic fiction, adventure, and fantasy for all different genre lovers. Much deliberation occurred over the creation of the booklist, and KAB members hope to provide some possible reading suggestions for the summer. 

The Kids Advisory Board is made up of kids ages 9 to 12 from Darien, who hold seasonal meetings to discuss the Children's Library's collection, programs, furniture, and other relevant topics. They also have the opportunity to read and review ARCs for the Library. ARCs are advanced reader copies of books that are sent to libraries before they are published. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Kids Advisory Board for next year, please email the children's librarians at 

Building Independent Readers Booklist

Photo courtesy of Flickr user  sean dreilinger
Photo courtesy of Flickr user sean dreilinger

On Tuesday, May 15 the Library and Darien Public Schools presented a program entitled, "Reading Well and Reading That Matters: What Teachers Are Doing At School And What Parents Can Do At Home To Engage and Energize All Young Readers."

Education consultant, Ginny Lockwood, guided parents on how to make reading a shared, enjoyable, and lifelong experience. Ms. Lockwood provided parents with information on how to select books and how to practice dialogic reading. 

This is a booklist of titles presented at the event, as well as other "short stories with illustrations," in the Library's collection. 

Jake and Lily: A New Book by Jerry Spinelli

Jerry Spinelli's newest book.
Jerry Spinelli's newest book.

You probably know Children's Library favorite Jerry Spinelli from his Newberry Award winning Maniac Magee, or his Newberry Honor winning Wringer. You might be a fan of his YA book  Stargirl and its sequel Love, Stargirl. Now he's back with his newest book, Jake and Lily, about twins who have a special ability.

Jake and Lily were born 11 minutes apart on a speeding train deep under the mountains in Colorado. As twins, they share an extremely special bond that they refer to as "Goombla." Jake knows when Lily is in trouble. Lily knows where Jake hides when they play hide and seek. Since the year they turned 6, every night before their birthday they sleepwalk to the train station in town and wake up at 3 a.m. in their bare feet and pajamas, sitting on a bench outside.

But things are changing. Jake doesn't want to hang out with Lily as much. He'd rather be with the boys in the neighborhood. Lily feels their Goombla slipping away. Lily's not sure she can convince her brother to hold on to their special connection much longer. What will life be like without Goombla?

Ghost Knight by Cornelia Funke

Cornelia Funke's new novel Ghost Knight was just released. One of our Kid Galley Bloggers wanted to share their review of this new fantasy read.

I loved Ghost Knight because it combined medieval fantasy and ghosts. I thought it was well written, and the characters developed very nicely.

~ Tre

Dealing with Bullies Booklist

photo courtesy of Flickr user Eddie~S

From pushes on the playground to mean instant messaging, bullying is an issue that almost all children face at some time or another.  With a recent surge in media attention and a new focus on cyber-bullying, parents may wonder where and how to find the best information and ways of talking to their own kids about bullies. 

What if my child is the victim of bullying?

A recent article in Parenting magazine offered the following 3 Step process for parents:

Step One: Find out what's going on.  Get the facts and reassure your child that you will both work together on a solution.

Step Two: Help your child figure out how to respond.  Some responses include:

  •  Stand tall and act brave
  •  Ignore the bully
  •  Stick with friends
  •  Tell an Adult

Step Three:  Take action yourself.  Set up a meeting with the teacher, parent, or caregiver. 

What if my child's friend is the bully?

One of the hardest things for a child to learn is how to stand up for what's right, even in the face of possible scrutiny or embarassment. 

The US Department of Health and Human Services has a kid-friendly website called Stop Bullying Now that features info, games, quizzes, and webisodes all designed to address the issues of bullying , offer meaningful discussion starters, and help promote positive ways of combatting this childhood problem.  Check out this video featuring the character Melanie and her struggle with a friend who is a known bully.

What if my child is the bully?

It can sometimes be hard to tell if childhood squabbles are simply "kids being kids" or if there is a more serious problem.  

Stop Bullying Now offers the following advice to parents:

  • Make it clear to your child that you take bullying seriously and that you will not tolerate this behavior.
  • Develop clear and consistent rules within your family for your children's behavior. Praise and reinforce your children for following rules and use non-physical, non hostile consequences for rule violations.
  • Spend more time with your child and carefully supervise and monitor his or her activities. Find out who your child's friends are and how and where they spend free time.
  • Build on your child's talents by encouraging him or her to get involved in prosocial activities (such as clubs, music lessons, nonviolent sports).
  • Share your concerns with your child's teacher, counselor, or principal. Work together to send clear messages to your child that his or her bullying must stop.
  • If you or your child needs additional help, talk with a school counselor or mental health professional.

The Children's Library also offers some great books for both children and parents on the subject of bullying.  These are a few of our favorites: 


Take a Stand!

Stand Against Racism is a movement by the YWCA to eliminate racism in our world.
Stand Against Racism is a movement by the YWCA to eliminate racism in our world.

On Friday, April 27, Darien Library helped to bring awareness to Stand Against Racism, an initiative by the YWCA to eliminate racism.

The Children's Library has compiled a booklist that helps celebrate our differences. Stop by next week to see our Stand Against Racism display and check out some of these important books.

100 Years of the Titanic

Titanic (courtesy of the State Library of Queensland)
Titanic (courtesy of the State Library of Queensland)

The Titanic sank almost exactly 100 years ago and information about this "unsinkable" ship is still in high demand! There are Titanic TV specials, the movie Titanic was just re-released in 3D, and, of course, we have LOTS of great Titanic books for all of your sunken-cruise liner needs.  Below is a list of fiction and non-fiction kids books on the giant ship.


D.E.A.R. Day Books by Beverly Cleary

This Thursday, April 12, is D.E.A.R. Day (Drop Everything And Read Day)!  The date is the birthday of beloved children's author Beverly Cleary, whose most famous creation, Ramona Quimby, is the event's official fictious spokesperson.  It's an occasion to drop everything, grab a favorite children's book and read it as a family.  And if all goes well --if the adventures of Ralph S. Mouse don't prove too exciting for delicate adult temperaments; if mom and dad can handle hearing about Henry Huggins' travails-- then feel free to celebrate D.E.A.R. Day as often as you like.  Ramona would approve!

Begin your reading adventure with one of Beverly Cleary's classics:

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