Missed the Hour of Code? Resources for Your Family

Celebrate Hour of Code every December and throughout the year at home.
Celebrate Hour of Code every December and throughout the year at home.

This year the Children's Library joined in the celebration to bring increased awareness to the computer sciences. Kids from Grades 3 to 6 learned programming via Scratch and JavaScript. 

To find out about additional Coding programs in 2015, please contact the children's librarians. 

To learn more about the Hour of Code and to find out more about resources for your kids, please visit these popular websites and apps. There was a lot of press this year, and President Obama even took part. He was the first president to ever write a computer program using JavaScript!!

Here are additional resources to practice coding challenges with your kids. 

Khan Academy - Intro to Computer Programming 


Scratch Jr.


Kodable *

*Kodable is even for pre-readers!! 


Tween Tabs in the Children's Library

Check out a Tween Tab in the Library, or grab a Tween Tab app list.
Check out a Tween Tab in the Library, or grab a Tween Tab app list.

Place a hold on the Tween Tab today! The Children's Library circulates Tween Tab iPads for kids ages 9 to 12. 

The Tween Tabs come with pre-loaded apps selected by the children's librarians. There are over 70 Apps which highlight the following Kids Nonfiction Glades: Bio, Languages, Facts, Traditions, Animals, Create, Fun, Self, Sports, Poetry, STEM, and Then & Now.

Additional content on kids and technology is located on  ALSC's Digital Media Resources website. 

Multicultural Series: March Programs

Celebrate with us!
Celebrate with us!

March Programs

The world is made up of many different cultures and here at Darien Library we like to celebrate and learn from them all. Learn something new about a different culture, widen your world view, and have fun!


Celebrate Holi

March 13th at 4:15-5:15pm

Join Mrs. Radia in celebrating Holi, the festival of colors! Holi is an ancient Indian festival that reminds us of the victory of good over evil. Learn about its origins and rituals, and enjoy some colorful crafts and music. Treasure the diversity in colors, and in life! Ages 6-10



St. Patrick's Day Crafts

March 17th at 4-5pm

Join the Children's Librarians for a special drop in program featuring crafts celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Ages 4 and up.


Celebrate Norouz! Persian New Year

March 21st at 4:15-5:15pm

Welcome Spring with a program in honor of Persian New Year. Learn how to set the Haft Sin table, make a goldfish craft, and grow some wheatgrass. Ages 7 and up.

Drop in!

Middle Ages School Project Resources

Book "Women and Girls in the Middle Ages"

We know that many of our young Darien Library users are hard at work on a Middle Ages project right now. Did you know that our Homework Help page can assist your research? We have many resources available on a range of topics.

Check out the learning guide for the Middle Ages in the library or at home with your library card.

We also have a variety of book held in the Children's Library office for In Library Use if you would like to review them for the project. Just ask a Children's Librarian and we are happy to bring them to you!

Early Literacy iPad Apps

One of our Early Literacy iPad Kits
One of our Early Literacy iPad Kits

Librarian-Selected Apps for the Early Literacy iPad Kits

The Children's Library has six Early Literacy iPads availble for checkout. The kits come pre-loaded with selected apps geared towards children ages 2 to 5.  The apps were specially selected for their early literacy skill-building qualities.  As we discover great new apps, we will update the iPad kits periodically.  In the meantime, click here for the current list of apps you will find installed on Darien Library's Early Literacy iPads. 

Librarian-Selected Apps for Kids Ages 5-12

A young Darien Library patron using an iPad
A young Darien Library patron using an iPad

The Children's Library staff constantly comes across great apps for kids of all ages, and we realized that we usually only publicize our favorite Early Literacy Apps. There's a world of great apps available for older kids, and we would like to share our expertise and knowledge of educational (and fun!) iPad apps for kids ages 5-12. The list below is comprised of apps, games, and eBooks that we selected for their stellar content and unique presentation.

Click here for the full list.

Back to School Homework Apps

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Mishiru
Photo courtesy of Flickr user Mishiru

Everyone seems to be in back to school mode this week. As your children bring home their new syllabi and homework assignments, make note of these homework apps curated by the children's librarians.

The Dictionary.com app will come in handy for book reports and term papers, and new favorites like Barefoot World Atlas and Endless Alphabet will engage the entire family.

Homework Help Apps

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