Tikatok - create your own book!

Create your own book from scratch or use templates to help you get started. Tikatok has everything you need to create your own book to be read online or have your story published as a real print book! If you are having trouble getting started creating something, use the StorySpark section where they provide you with a basic idea, characters and hints for what to write. Tikatok is FREE and the only thing you'll have to pay for is if you have them print and bind your book for you.  Could be a nice holiday gift for someone special in your life.

Academic Skill Builders - Math Games and More!

Have trouble with math? Maybe an online game will help!  It was fun to brush up on my own math skils while testing out the games on this site. There are games for multiplication, divison, fractions, geography and my personal favorites, WORD GAMES!

Academic Skills Builders - http://www.arcademicskillbuilders.com/

You can even play them on your Wii! Check out the info here.

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