Attention, World Travelers!


Psst! Are you a kid planning on traveling to a big city? Or are you kid who would like to someday travel to a big city? Then we have some books written just for you - The Lonely Planet Not-For-Parents Guides to London, Rome, Paris, and New York City are now available in the Children's Library!

And if you're interested in traveling to even more exoctic locations, we have The Lonely Planet Not-For-Parents Travel Book, featuring "cool stuff to know about every country in the world!"

 To learn more, click on the link below!


Animorphs Are Back!



Scholastic recently reissued the first three Animorph books, about a group of friends who witness a strange light fall from the sky and are granted the power to transform into the most dangerous animals on earth. Their mission? To fight an evil alien plague bent on taking over humanity - from inside our bodies!

This was one of Miss Elisabeth's all-time favorite series when she was in elementary school, and she is thrilled to introduce this sci-fiction series to a new generation!

To learn more, check out the link below!

Fantasy Friday: Breadcrumbs

Fantasy Friday (and new book alert!): Breadcrumbs  by Anne Ursu.

"It snowed right before Jack stopped talking to Hazel, fluffy white flakes big enough to show their crystal architecture, like perfect geometric poems. It was the sort of snow that transforms the world into a different kind of place. You know what it's like - when you wake up  to find everything white and soft and quiet, when you run outisde and your breath suddenly appears before you in a smoky poof, when  you wonder for a moment if the world in which you woke up is nt the same one that you went to bed in the night before. Things like that happen, at least in the stories you read. It was the sort of snowfall that, if there were any magic to be had in the world, would make it come out. And magic did come out."

Unfortunately, the magic that comes out of that wonderful, marvelous, story book snow is evil magic- in the form of The Snow Queen. She spirits Jack away from Hazel and everyone he knows into a deep, dark forest. And even though Jack has stopped talking to Hazel, she is still his best friend. Best friends save each other, no matter what.

This marvelous, magical retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen is a must-read for anyone who loves a heroic, epic adventure, dazzling fantasy worlds, and a character who's learning what it means to grow up.

Scary Stories for Brave Kids

After a fun and spook-filled Stories to Chill Your Bones, we felt it was appropriate to share some of the Children's Library's favorite books for the Halloween season.

Whether it's Nutmeg nominee authors Mary Downing Hahn and Cynthia DeFelice, who can both write suspensful fiction, or folk tales collected by Alvin Schwartz, there are many titles scattered throughout the Kids Fiction and Kids Nonfiction sections. Ask a children's librarian and they can surely show you their favorite spooky books. Snuggle up with a cup of hot apple cider and one of these titles, but prepare to be scared!


Fantasy Friday: Dealing With Dragons

Fantasy Friday: Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

Princess Cimorene is bored. Unlike her perfect, preening princess sisters, she couldn't care less about dancing, protocol, or embroidery. She's bored silly by lessons on the correct volume a proper princess should scream when being carried off by an ogre. According to her parents, it's not proper for a princess to take cooking lessons from the castle cook, fencing lessons from the general of the army, magic lessons from the court magician, or Latin lessons from the royal librarian. The only thing Cimorene can do is sit and wait for the day of her arranged marriage to a handsome, boring, silly Prince Charming. And practice a princess-like scream for when those ogres come.

Then Cimorene gets a brilliant idea. If she runs away and becomes a dragon's princess, she won't have to dance, learn manners, or embroider ever again. Any dragon would be happy to have her. She wasn't snatched out of her castle like the normal dragon's princess. She actually wants to be there, and the dragon won't have to fight a knight to keep her or chase her if she runs away. Plus, she knows how to make delicious cherries jubilee.

Thrills, chills, witches, adventures with fire-proofing spells, evil wizards, and hypersensitive dragons abound in this hysterically funny story of a princes who isn't ready to wait for happily ever after.


Book Review: City of Wind by Pierdomenico Baccalario

Introducing kid's reviews of upcoming book titles! The Darien Kid Bloggers have read ARCs (advanced reader's copies) of soon to be published books. You can place a hold on the books in the Library's catalog, and be one of the first kids to get that book. Here is our first installment.

City of Wind by Pierdomenico Baccalario

Translated by: Leah D. Janecko

The book City of Wind is a wonderful book with many twists and turns. This book is the third book in the Century Quartet series. The book takes place in Paris, “the windy city” (City of Wind). In the book the main characters are Harvey, Sheng, Mistral, and Elettra. Each main character comes from a different city and country.

  • Harvey, New York City U.S.

  • Sheng, Shanghai China

  • Mistral, Paris France

  • Elettra, Rome Italy

All the characters go to Paris for different reasons and they end up in a big treasure hunt for clues that leads to an unknown treasure. While this is happening they have to battle against an evil organization for the clues. Also they have to keep the organization from stealing the clues that the group already has. There are two parts that the book could be improved upon. One is that the plot is hard to follow. Also the book has a very abrupt ending that is hard to understand. Those are the key points in the book City of Wind.


Speak Out Against Bullying

The Stamford Advocate has launched a project, Speak Out Against Bullying, to raise awareness about kids and teens who are bullied in school and to help erase the stigma associated with those who have been bullied.  Two teens shared their stories in the video below, and The Advocate is encouraging other kids and teens to add their voices and experiences to the conversation.  More videos, in addition to articles, will be coming out on this very important topic. 

If you would like to contribute your story, please e-mail your video to or visit the Speak Out Against Bullying Facebook page.

For more information about bullying, and a booklist, take a look at our post on Dealing with Bullies




True Small-Moment Stories from Holmes School

Stories come from all sorts of interesting places.  Sometimes we find great stories within the pages of a book at the Library.  Other times we may hear a terrific tale from a grandparent or teacher.  Sometimes, we create our very own! 

The collected anthology below contains real life stories written by the fifth graders at Holmes Elementary who participated in the Writing Workshop.  Each writer began by creating a writer's notebook and selecting two original stories as seed ideas.  Then they each chose two drafts to revise, edit, and ultimately, publish. 

The Darien Library is proud to host these wonderful original works for the entire community to enjoy.  Click the page below to open. 


Meet the Children's Librarian: Miss Claire

Welcome to the first installment of a series introducing the talented people who work in the Children's Library!  This week we're proud to present...Miss Claire!

Claire is a native of Baltimore and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York (did you know three of the Children's Librarians live in New York City?).  She started working at Darien Library as the Children's Library intern in 2008, and became a full-time librarian in 2009. She is usually mustache-less.


Five Things About Miss Claire

Her favorite food is sushi.

Her hobbies include cooking, traveling, and a brief flirtation with knitting

Her favorite book genre is historical fiction.

When she was a kid, Claire wanted to be a supermodel-detective or Jane Goodall.

Right now, she is reading a grown-up book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, and a kids book, Small Acts of Amazing Courage by Gloria Whelan.

Two Things You Didn't Know About Miss Claire

She can touch her tongue to her nose!

She is an only child.

iKids Create Self-Portraits

The iKids have been busy honing their tech skills in this weekly registered class. For every first session our techy tweens make avatars for their very own Darien Library accounts. Check out these kid-friendly websites where you can design an avatar.

Build Your Wild Self 

Mii Creator


On ArtisanCam kids can explore the work of contemporary artist Julian Opie. Once the portrait is created it can be included in the online gallery.  

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