Speak Out Against Bullying

The Stamford Advocate has launched a project, Speak Out Against Bullying, to raise awareness about kids and teens who are bullied in school and to help erase the stigma associated with those who have been bullied.  Two teens shared their stories in the video below, and The Advocate is encouraging other kids and teens to add their voices and experiences to the conversation.  More videos, in addition to articles, will be coming out on this very important topic. 

If you would like to contribute your story, please e-mail your video to speakout@ctnews.com or visit the Speak Out Against Bullying Facebook page.

For more information about bullying, and a booklist, take a look at our post on Dealing with Bullies




National Book Award Youth Literature Finalists

Since the 1950's the National Book Foundation has given out the National Books Awards to writers by writers. Intended to celebrate the best of American literature, the Youth Literature Award has most often been given to Young Adult books, but this year, there are two books for children on the list!  Have you read any of these new books? Take a look and write a review, let us know what you think!  The winners will be announced on November 19th.


Laurie Halse Anderson, Chains (Simon & Schuster)

Kids Fiction

Kathi Appelt, The Underneath (Atheneum)

Kids Fiction

E. Lockhart, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks (Hyperion)

Young Adult Fiction

On Order - Not yet published

Judy Blundell, What I Saw and How I Lied (Scholastic)

Young Adult Fiction

On Order

Tim Tharp, The Spectacular Now (Alfred A. Knopf)

Young Adult Fiction



The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World


Can you name the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?  Read about them, their history and where they are today.  It doesn't have a good map, but you can use the clickable map on this site - The Seven Forgotten Wonders.


Amazing Space


Capture the cosmos - check out black holes, comets, asteroids and more on this site. It uses NASA's Hubble Telescope images and discoveries to help you uncover the mysteries of outer space.




Go on a real-life treasure hunt with your family! This site will teach you what you need to know to do your own Letterboxing adventure. Read more about it on National Geographic Kids People and Places and try Virtual Letterboxing on AtlasQuest.


Virtual Field Trips


Field trips offer excitement, adventure, and learning about the world. "Now you can avoid those long, bumpy bus rides and cold lunches. The Virtual Field Trips Web site is devoted to providing on-line field trips that take you to places that until now you could only dream about, and teach you things you might not otherwise learn." This site offers guided tours to select subject on the Internet.




Some of the best urban legends and creepy tales are on the Internet.but are they true? Did a woman actually cook her poodle in a microwave oven? Did the Titanic sink because of a mummy? Can Twinkies last forever?




Wanna learn how to draw and animate cartoons? This site (designed by a teenager) is the best place to start! Learn abous the basics from simple instructions about frame by frame animation.


Face Your Manga


Create ?your ?Avatar ?with? Face? Your ?Manga!  Express? yourself ?through? your? image ?and? share ?it? whoever ?you? want. Enjoy ?yourself? by ?discovering ?unlimited? combinations? to ?realize ?your? virtual ?alter?ego.


Joseph Wu's Origami Page


Learn how to make origami! Instructions on basic folds as well as more advanced. Link to his Flickr page to see a gallery of amazing origami!


Learn to Draw


Learn how to draw aliens, animals, flowers or faces at this website created by students. There is also an art quiz, tips for artists and games like a crossword puzzle and word search. The website even plays music while you draw!


Lissa Explains It All


Let Lissa teach you about web design! This site started when Lissa was 11, and is now featured on CNN Science and Technology and Headline News. Learn to make your own web page and then add cool extra like .htaccess files and installing perl scripts and running CSS. Look for the latests gadgets too: forums, guestbooks, polls, e-mail forms, tagboards, blogs, counters and even an online HTML editor. Lissa also has Icon Art to make your own cursors and favicons! There's a forum here too where others can help you get a fast answer.


Photography; the Art of Light


Learn about choosing the right equipment, finding the best lighting, and taking the pictures. In the interactive section, you can take a virtual photo or find out what equipment is right for you. Shockwave Flash is required.


San Francisco Symphony Kids


Learn about the instruments in an orchestra, compose your own tunes in the Music Lab and listen to the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.


A Game a Day


Enjoy a new game, brain teaser, trivia game and challenge your concentration, memory and knowledge. One new game each weekday for ages 9-99.


Cartoon Network


Not that you need a link to a site you've got memorized!


Discovery Kids


Games, puzzles, mind teasers and more on this site - be sure to check out the Yucky Fun & Games! for Creepy Crafts, Revolting Recipies and Icky Experiments!


Fun Brain


Play games that make you smarter. Oh, and by the way, you can read Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney online here!


Fun School


What?!?!? Fun and School in the same sentance?  Yes kids, that's right. Tons of games are found on this site for all ages from Preschoolers to Middle Schoolers.




A collection of free online games involving competitive tagging. Sign up, but no fees. Does you get lost in games like solitaire? Those hours can help make The Web a better place!



PBS Kids


There are tons and tons and tons and tons of games on this site!


Professor Garfield


Games about art, music, science and math. There are even phonics games for younger children!


Bouncing Rhymes

For these rhymes, place your baby on your knee or snug in your arms and bounce her gently to the rhythm of the rhymes.

(bounce baby on knees)
Popcorn, popcorn,
Sizzling in the pan.
Shake it up, shake it up,
Bam, bam, bam!

Popcorn, popcorn,
Now it’s getting hot,
Shake it up, shake it up,
Pop, pop, pop! (lift baby up with each” pop”)

Rooster Crows
1, 2, 3
Baby’s* on my knee
Rooster crows and away we GO!!! (lift baby high in the air)

*use your baby’s name wherever possible in rhymes and stories

Rickety-Rickety Rocking Horse
(Lift one knee at a time to give baby a good jostle sideways)            
Rickety-rickety rocking horse                                                                                                                                  Photo by Flickr user Sean Dreilinger
Over the fields we go
Rickety-rickety rocking horse
Giddyup, giddyup (bounce with both knees)
WHOA!  (hug baby and dip down)

Giddyap, Giddyap
Giddyap, giddyap, ride to town, (bounce baby on knees, facing you)
Giddyap, giddyap, up and down.
Giddyap fast, (bounce quickly)
Giddyap slow, (bounce slowly)
Giddyap, giddyap, giddyap, WHOA! (dip baby backwards gently)

Mother and Father and Uncle John
Mother and Father and Uncle John
Went to town one by one.
Mother fell off (dip baby to left)
And Father fell off (dip baby to right)
But Uncle John went on and on and on . . . (bounce baby quickly up and down)

The Dog Goes to Dover
Leg over leg, (bounce baby on knees)
As the dog goes to Dover.
When he comes to a wall,
Jump!  He goes over! (lift baby up)

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