Art on View: Darien Public Schools' Faculty Show

Larsen, 2014
Larsen, 2014

January 29th through March 2nd

From January 29th to March 2nd, the Art on View collection of pieces by the Darien Public Schools' Faculty. The exhibit will be on display in the Library’s Art Gallery.

Said artist Shelley Kawai, "Drawings included in this show are inspired by what I observed during the many science field courses I took while earning my master’s degree at Wesleyan University. Observation is an essential part of being both an artist and a scientist. I have discovered how much I learn by taking the time to look at nature more closely.  As an artist I am aware of the lines, shapes and textures I see. However, they take on new meaning when I study animal anatomy, behaviors, and ecosystems. Having knowledge helps me to see something because I am aware of it. The more time I spend observing, them more I realize the underlining forces in the balance of nature. Nature is constantly undergoing changes and everything is connected."

The Art Gallery is located on the Library's Lower Level.

Genealogy Drop-In Help

Will you discover royalty in your family?
Will you discover royalty in your family?

Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 12 noon
On the Second Level

Do you want to get started on your family history? Or do you know exactly where you're getting stuck and need help. Skilled genealogist, Steve Anderson, can help! He can help you find elusive ancestors' military records, census data, birth certificates and more using Library Edition, Heritage Quest, and FamilySearch. 

To find him, just come to the Second Level and ask the Reference Librarian for Steve! 

Steve is the president of the Middlesex Genealogical Society

Bunny by the Darien Library Garden

A few weeks ago, the Library planted its first vegetable garden. Since then we've spotted a new friend who is *very* interested in our little garden plot...

The Gift of the Bird Feeder

Find it outside the Holds' area window.
Find it outside the Holds' area window.

This lovely bird feeder is a gift to the Library from Joe and Patty Warren of Wild Birds Unlimited. We're so thankful for this generous gift. Barbara of Readers' Advisory says we'll need to wait a week or so before we'll see birds visiting it.

To see the bird feeder, either come in through the Post Road entrance to the Library and look to the right. Or go into the Holds area behind the Welcome Desk. The bird feeder is visible outside the window. 

What kind of birds do you think we'll see at it this winter? 

Flowers from Kids Care Club

Alan and Sydney
Alan and Sydney

Sydney from Tokeneke School brought in recycled flowers that the Kids Care Club made as "a thank you" to Darien Library. She is pictured with Alan, our Chief Administrative Officer. You can find the flowers at the Welcome Desk and in the Children's Library.

Thank you, Kids Care Club!

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